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How to Post Answers to Challenges


Very basic and somewhat embarrassing question to ask: How do I post an answer to the Weekly Challenges? I can't figure out how to attach the file so that it will show up in the answer. I've attached the file using "Choose File," but it doesn't show up anywhere(neither does my answer!). I can't figure out how to put the answer in the "Spoiler" box either. 


Thanks for any help!

When you click on Choose File the name you chose should appear next to it:


This should then show up as a link at the bottom. There is a limited set of file types allows (yxmd, yxzp).



To add a spoiler, click on:


It will create block collapsed by default.


Hope enough to get you posting welcome to the challenges!




Thanks. That's what I did yesterday, but it didn't work. It's working today.