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Help us to help you - a survey request


Hello awesome Alteryx users!


As the Technical Writing team at Alteryx, we spend our days creating content to help you, our customers. Now we're asking you for help!

We’d love for you to tell us what resources you use to learn Alteryx products, and how you find answers to your questions.


Please complete our short survey and provide feedback so we can shape our help documentation and resources to best suit your needs.


Click here to access the survey. Thank you! 



Done - Thank You!

Alteryx Partner



I wanna appreciate all your efforts that goes into creating helpful product documentations.

Especially I liked these two documents:

1) Alteryx server

2) Alteryx setup


however those were created in 2016. A lot has changed since then.


Can you update these two wonderful documents ?


I wanna see a product documentation link right next to the release notes or download alteryx page.




Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



We have updated server information. If you log into your server instance and are the admin, you can go to the admin panel and on the bottom of the window you will see HELP. This has all updated information regarding server.