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Etiquette: Accepting your own solutions


What's acceptable in these situation?


I started a thread yesterday that has since had no solutions.  Since then I've worked on the problem and finally came up with a solution


Do I mark my solution as the accepted one.  One one hand, marking it as solved will help others with a tricky Excel-to-Alteryx problem.  On the other, I could see how this could easily be abused.






@danilang I would absolutely mark it as a solution to benefit others! 


If someone were to try and abuse the system, they would stick out pretty easily (and the moderators would handle the situation accordingly). I follow almost all of the posts and I can't come up with an example of somebody "over-accepting" their own solutions. This is one of the best communities out there!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I agree with @patrick_digan.  Mark it.  But also will add:  If someone's post helped you to get there, throw them a solve bone too.





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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for posting this question to the community @danilang!


@patrick_digan and @MarqueeCrew hit the nail on the head. That's exactly the behavior we expect from our members. 


Go team!



Leah Knowles
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