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Get to know your fellow analytics buffs and discuss a wide range of non-product related topics!

Countin' down to 500 Solutions with MarqueeCrew!

Awesome job Mark! Didn't you crack 2000 stars recently also? Way to go!

Congrats and THANK YOU @MarqueeCrew you are an inspiration!

Cailin Swingle
Sr. Manager, Customer Support
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer

Better watch out @MarqueeCrew I'm only 498 Solutions behind you but gaining fast!


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Mark, you are an all time Alteryx Legend........Hall of Fame 100%........GOAT candidate.........Keep doing you!


Thank you from me and the thousands that you help on a daily basis!




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Only 500? Seems like 5000! Mark the effort you put into this community is just phenomenal - congratulations on the big 5-0-0.


Hope you're going to celebrate in style? 


Wow Mark !!! Congratulations and thanks for everything you do!

Jessica Silveri
Customer Support Engineer
Awesome Job @MarqueeCrew - I remember being close to you in the dim and distant past...

Your answers are always detailed and helpful and as @NicoleJohnson says a true friend to me and the community.

Now on to 1000 :)
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I remember seeing you coming up and PASSING  me James!  Fortunately, community isn't a competition and we're all winners.  In fact, you don't even have to be a member to get value from community.  When I was dark matter there was @chris_love at the top of the contributor list.  I didn't think about being at the top, I just thought that I'd like to be like him in answering posts and helping others.  The leaderboard has shifted in the past couple of years with you, @SeanAdams@NicoleJohnson@JohnJPS @patrick_digan@Joe_Mako@michael_treadwell@BarnesK and now @jrgo members have loads of support and quality responses to choose from.


Still humble about the thanks, I'm still learning Alteryx myself.  I use community to sharpen my  own skills and find ways to help my clients.  I keep current with training, tool mastery and blog posts.  I am involved in user groups and AFG through community.  Instead of checking FB posts for politics and recipes I find myself here.  It has become my guilty pleasure. IOS version 11 has hampered my ability to post formulas because it is now using curly quotes/apostrophes and it takes more effort to answer posts while watching Forensic Files.


Finally, the real win for me is what you pointed out in your post; I've developed real friends through community.  We may only see each other once a year in some cases, but I look forward to seeing your posts and spending time with you all the same.




Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

What an awesome accomplishment, @MarqueeCrew! The Alteryx Community has become such a great resource for new and experienced Alteryx users alike. It would not be the same without you!


To an A-plus guy I think I met for the first time at a Big Data event in Michigan...who has also kindly blessed us with his presence in the CHICAGO OFFICE! Mark, you are one of a kind and we are so lucky and proud to have you as part of the Alteryx family. Congratulations and thank you so much for all you do to help our Community grow and solve together!