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Certificate not received (Alteryx designer core)


Thank you Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth, 


I too cleared the core certification on 30 Jan 2019 but I haven't received the certificate. I did received the badge. Can you please help me 



Srikanth P

Hi @ElizabethB

I cleared my core certification on Jan 30 and yet to receive the certificate.  

I used different email for community login and certificate registration, not sure if this is causing the issue but I did receive the badge to the community email. 



Srikanth P



Mgr, Global Certification
Mgr, Global Certification

Hi @srikanthp Congrats on passing the exam! I've resent your certificate - you may need to check your spam or junk folders to find the email. 


Hello -  I passed the core certification exam on 5th May,2019. While the badge is reflecting in my profile, I still haven't received my certificate via email.Please assist. 

Alteryx Partner
Mgr, Global Certification
Mgr, Global Certification

Hi @lfermin 


Congrats on passing! I just resent your certificate.  

Hi @ElizabethB,


I passed my Designer Core exam back in May, and I don't think I ever received my certificate, or if I did I misplaced the email with the PDF. Would it be possible to have that resent to me?


Thank you!



i am experiencing the same issue. i took the core exam last Thursday Oct 17th and i still haven't received the PDF certificate yet. 


Hi @Abby_Obanla,


I resent your certificate just now.  Make sure you check your spam folders.  If you don't receive it shortly, please contact with a personal email address and I can send your certificate there.


All the best,



Certification Team