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Certificate not received (Alteryx designer core)

Are certificates delayed due to Labor Day? Still have not received mine after passing Core. 

Mgr, Global Certification
Mgr, Global Certification

Hi @chrispluralsight, there shouldn't have been any delay for the holiday. It looks like your certificate was emailed yesterday afternoon, but it may have gone to your junk or spam folder. I'm resending it now to your personal and work email addresses. 


Thanks, just received it. Didn't get the first, so that must have been a

I have not received my certificate yet.

Hi Elizabeth,


I cleared the exam on 17th January and I am yet to receive my Certificate. 

Mgr, Global Certification
Mgr, Global Certification

Hi @kishore_venkat, congrats on passing the exam! I resent your certificate a couple of hours ago. Please let me know if you haven't received it yet. :) 


Hi @ElizabethB,


It happened the same thing with me, i took the exam on the 29th of January and i received the badge the next day i believe, but haven't received the certification pdf yet




Hi ElizabethB,


I passed the core exam on Jan 31st. I haven't received certificate nor badge yet.  Appreciate if you can help!

Mgr, Global Certification
Mgr, Global Certification

Hi @PadmajaS


Congrats on passing the exam! It looks like your Community username wasn't entered during the exam. I've updated your results, added your badge, and resent your email with certificate. 

Hi Elizabethb, can you also help me please