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Announcement | Get certified today - take the Alteryx Designer Core and Advanced exams on-demand now! Learn more.

Alteryx Designer Core Certification


Boom!!!  Passed, yay. :-)



Alteryx Partner

Great !!!


Same Here !!!


How did you claim the certified badge ?










I entered my Community name as part of the registration process and then it was allocated automatically after a few days.

Alteryx Partner

Pls can u post a link of the exam u took ?

is it the Designer exam?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @r4upadhye -- we assign the Core Certification badge in bulk to users who passed the exam within a given period. You can find more information about the Alteryx Certification program and corresponding exam here.


Thank you in advance for your patience!

Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement

Alteryx Partner

Nice to know,

previously i passed the Partner's Exam, and that exam is not qualified for the community badge.



Hi everyone.
I am training myself on Alteryx for the last 4 months.
Alteryx really is a very powerful tool, I plan to keep learning and exploring it more.
I would like to know more about this certification. Will getting certified counts in the job market?


Can any of the certified designers provide me with some retrospective?




I have taken this exam twice and I have managed a score of 76.7%. I am not sure where I am going wrong since there is no key after each attempt.
Some tips will be really appreciated.


Hello @MohammedAnsari - I would suggest to make note of the questions that you are not confident of and revisit it later to ensure that your answers are correct.


Be careful with multiple options, the solutions are close, and it is easy to mark an incorrect answer. Create a dummy data and check if you are getting the correct answers.


Also, I personally feel, some the answers are really close and unless you read carefully you are bound to trip on those questions.


BTW you are not far and I am sure next time you will pass the exam! Hope this help - All the best