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Alteryx Designer Core Certification

Hello All,


When I get a workflow question in the certification in which I have to arrive at a particular output, is it necessary that apart from the output if my answer has few additional columns like ID does it makes the answer incorrect or I can tick mark that answer considering the output is correct but has some additional columns ?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



In the core certification I remember it as entirely multiple choice.  I don't think that you'll need to worry.




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Thank You for your message.


I was looking at the sample questions provided, there was one choice given where the result generated exactly matched the output mentioned in the question but the result format was different. Like for example when you have to do running total but the output mentioned in the question has 4 columns and the result generated from the workflow given in some of the choices generate 5 columns ( additional ID column as well) . The output values (meaning running total) are correct but does the additional column in my result makes the choice incorrect ?


Thanks once again !


Thanks, That helps.


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Awesome! Congratulations



Thanks :)