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Alteryx Designer Core Certification

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Mohammed


I would suggest you read the question carefully, 2 letters make a big difference in the answer. I did the exam and i almost fell for it, there was a question with 2 different words unchecked and checked, the answer was totally different. Also if you haven't done the "getting started" i would suggest to do it before trying the exam. 


Thanks for the advice.
I have cleared the exam a couple of weeks ago. 
But thanks for the response :)


Hey ydmuley


Is there negative marking for the wrong answers in the Designer Core Exam ? 





Hello @Arvi_Singh - There is no negative marking for wrong answers.


All the best!

Alteryx Partner

WOOHOO!!! !I just passed it!!!! :) i've never been much of a test taker or enjoyed them in the slightest...but that was a blast... I learned so much! now on to the next one!! :D

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Hello All,


I have recently downloaded Alteryx and have been studying for the certification.


Is there a way I can get some sample questions to see the level of difficulty of the exam ?


Thanks for your help.



Alteryx Partner

@Nikunjpasari15 there are a couple of sample questions attached on the certification page (in the videos at the bottom of the page)

I found going through the interactive lessons most helpful- the lessons go over a huge portion of the core certification.


Good Luck!





Thanks. I just checked it and I feel the answers are not correct because they are not matching my answers. Is there any way I can get the correct answers to those 4 sample questions just to check whether I am getting those questions right or not ?


Again Thanks for helping.

Alteryx Partner

If you did the sample exam- the answers are at the bottom of the page.  (sorry my previous post linked to the certification page and not the sample exam)

Also, you can take the exam three times within a month- so when you feel you are ready you can always just take it once to get a feel for how the questions are worded- you will never get the answers though (or which questions you got wrong) you will only get a break out by % of how well you did in each section (based on the tools) and a total score. 

Thanks that was very helpful !