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Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Everyone,


Just wondering, does anyone what does the "Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification" meant to cover?


Unlike the Core Certification, the "Advanced Certification" doesn't mention intended Audience or Skill Measure. It would be nice to know.




James has all the details.


Having done mine this month, I'd say was pretty accurate to list of topics.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks for the reply


Just taken and passed the advanced exam on the third attempt. 


I really enjoyed the case study questions at the end, as it's good to work with the tool instead of just having an in depth knowledge of the options you can select within the tool (what the first certification exam covers). Although I found at first attempt the spatial tools dominated the case study questions and I don't really use those in my role but it was fun learning them.


For those looking to do the exam, it is a split of 40 x 1 mark questions and 4 x 10 mark questions (where you score either 0 or 10). So to achieve the 80% pass mark it really helps to get all 4 of the 10 mark questions right or otherwise you can't afford to drop many points in the earlier questions.


Same here.


My advice is to skip to the end, nail the 4 big questions then go back through the 1 mark questions. 


Reporting, Gallery, and Spatial probably the topics that came up most frequently for me.

Alteryx Certified Partner

It's tough - I just passed mine tonight =)


As always, Weekly Challenges are the key to get comfortable with Spatial and Iterative.

That and being quick with alteryx to answer the 1 point questions!



Thanks for the suggestion on preparing for the exam.  I have signed up for the advance certification exam and expect I will need to stretch a little before I pass.  I have found the Weekly Challenges to be great for learning many tools.  

Alteryx Certified Partner

The great thing about the exams is that you get 3 go's and no-one finds out what marks you got !

So, don't tell anyone when you take it for the first time.

You will find out lots of things that you either don't know, or at least not as well as you think, that you can research before resitting the exam.


I don't know anyone who passed it first time.



Thank you for recommending the weekly challenges as a way to prepare for the Advanced Exam.  This suggestion proved very helpful, especially when I practiced doing several in a sitting.  In the two weeks before the exam I completed 14 challenges.  On my best day I completed 4.  And yes, I did complete the advanced exam last night.  


It's challenging and fun. I earned it today.


A good way to prove your Alteryx skills!