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Alteryx Certification

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Alteryx,


I am going through the self-paced training on your website. How do I go about getting Alteryx certified? My company is already partnered with Alteryx.


Thank you!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @rwood330, glad to hear you are looking to get certified! For more information on gaining access to the Partner Portal and Partner certification, please email and the team will be happy to assist you.






Hi Julie - is there a certification program that does not require being part of a Partner organization (similar to the MCP exams offered by Microsoft, where a person can certify as a MS SQL Developer; MSSQL DBA etc)?


This would be tremendously valuable if it were available - especially if it was a graded certification, where one could demonstrate mastery of the toolset and be certified as competent at novice; intermediate; master for both the administration side as well as the user side (using the Alteryx platform).


The side benefit to Alteryx is that the more people who put the work in to be certified - the more this creates a natural stickiness in the community since these people now have an investment to protect so they will demand Alteryx at their next job, and will tend to only move to employers who are using Alteryx.    This would increase resume value for practitioners, and give employers an easy way to filter out certain candidates who don't have the skills needed.


Thanks Julie

Sean A


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Sorry for delaying to get back to you @SeanAdams


These are all very valid points and  we're right there with you: Our internal team is currently exploring client facing certification options.


Stay tuned, and we'll share updates as soon as we can. In the meantime, I hope the on demand self paced training has proven useful!




Thank you @JulieH - the self paced training has been tremendously valuable.


The community resources are also very helpful to allow for a relatively new user to being to find their way towards building a deep and credible skillset.


Looking forward to the certification process - if I can be of any help (e.g. dog-fooding an early draft; or discussion of what the particular need is within our company to give you a second point of view), I'd be more than happy to spend the time.


Have a good Monday



Hi @JulieH 

What is the easiest route to confirm if our respective companies are Alteryx partners (in order to qualify to undertake Alteryx Certification)?

Do large corporate clients qualify?   If not, could we consider doing this as a way of expanding the population without having to massively change the process within Alteryx?


(also sent you a PM on this topic)


Thank you Julie



Hi @JulieH,


@LeahKand I were discussing this certification program as part of a catchup the other day, and one of the things we touched on was making this accessible to 80-90% of the world's population.   Many of the certification programs out there are well administered, well regarded, but economically out of range of many folks in India; China; Philippines; etc. (the standard for these certifications is around $500 for the exam - by comparison a brand new motorcycle which is a primary transport for an entire family would be between $500 and $700.   So essentially if we translate this to the US, we're asking these people to choose between an exam and buying the family a new car which is a big ask for a more junior but ambitious person with relatively modest income).


This is somewhat short-sighted, since these are simultaneously the countries that are producing the most STEM graduates; who are dominating the IT industry; and in many cases it's people from these countries who are running the largest IT companies in the world - so excluding these folk would be hurtful in terms of future sales.


Proposal - as you look at this certification, would it be OK to ask that you ask the team to design and live within 2 constraints which will be very helpful?:

- this program needs to be designed so that the certification program can be administered for no more than $50 per candidate, and this should include cost of testing, certification, administration of a "certified individuals portal", and presumably a small profit for Alteryx (it shouldn't incur a loss)

- this program needs to guarantee skill quality so that employers can trust that they can depend on a candidate who is certified.   This poses 2 challenges:

     - is the exam static or dynamic/adaptive.   One of the key challenges with certification exams is that if questions are static, then candidates will tend to mock up the answer sheet and share around - there are definitely ways to deal with this, including using a question bank (like the old Microsoft exams) and doing adaptive testing (like the new Microsoft exams)

     - are you the person you say you are or is your super-smart friend writing the exam for you.   This may be tougher part to crack but if we get enough clever people around this we may be able to find a workable answer.


I hope that this makes sense - too many companies forget that the majority of the world's population are not in the US; and do not have access to a median US income - and by including these folk, not only do we give them a chance to provide a better future for themselves and their families if they are willing to put in the work, but you also materially broaden the catchment area for Alteryx of future sales and contacts and skilled practitioners in the medium term (so it makes good selfish sense too).


Cheers @JulieH



I vote for personal certification. 


Alteryx Partner

Hi @JulieH,


Could you please help me get access to partner portal. I didn't get any response from


Hi @Vijay_Gowtham ,


I'll check with the team and follow up with you via PM on accessing the partner portal.



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx