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Administration of users


hi, We are facing following issues regarding user administration. Please advise if anyone of you are having below issues and if you have resolved any of those , i would like to hear:

1) One user creates a workflow XYZ and he would like to publish to a collection ABC so that all other users or developers can view it and run the workflow to populate the data. Issue here is If you have to publish to a collection ABC, you should be an artisan of that collection ABC. Please advise if we have any solution or best practice for this issue. 

2) I would like to create finance collection and have all finance users share and collaborate workflows in this collection. Is it possible in alteryx ?


Please advise.

Thanks in advance..


Alteryx Certified Partner


if you want to have users share and collaborate in the same area, they should be working in a studio together.  You can have as many artisans in a studio as you need.  you can set that number.  You can also move users into your studio or have them move themselves by changing the Subscription Key in their profile to fit with the Studio they want to move to. That studio can then share certain workflows into a collection so they can be run by others (perhaps people just running and viewing content but not designing).  You can have any member of a studio as an admin of the collection.

Let me know if you have questions.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Also, this post belongs in the Server area.

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hi Dynamomo,


 Thanks for the response. Can you please point me to the step by step documentation on how to achieve this or can you please let me know how to achieve this ? If you move the user to common studio , won't they be losing their studio access. What if they would like to be in their studio as well as have capability to publish in the common studio. I am an admin. I have user as well as studio created. I need to know how they can publish into common studio. Appreciate your inputs.


Thanks in advance..

Alteryx Certified Partner


Im confused about what you are referencing with a Common Studio.  There is no such studio created by default but you could create one and add users to it.

You can only work in one studio at a time.  If a user moves to another studio, their workflows do not move with them.  So they have to download their workflows, then they can move to a group studio.  Once they are in the group studio they can save their workflows there and now they are available for all to edit.

To move a user to a group studio:

1 - go to to subscriptions

2 - select teh studio you want to turn into the group studio.  you can rename it in the Private Studio Name area.  Look at the very bottom of this page for the Subscription Key.  This key will allow you to move users from one studio to another.



From the Users page, you can view all users on the All tab, or click the Curators, Artisans, or Viewers tabs to filter the list of users.

  • click on the user you want to move.  M
  • Move the user to another studio by copying the subscription key for the studio and pasting it in the user's Subscription Key field. 

As mentioned earlier, they will move studios but their workflows will not.  If you want those moved, they need to be downloaded and uploaded to the new studio again.


Thanks for your inputs. Let me try this solution.