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8 - Asteroid

Hi @jam1 

1. right click on the TS Model Factory tool and open the macro

2. update the script in R tool in the following lines. (I copied the whole code and paste into a text editor. Replace the value in line 337 and 626

3. Save. Go back to your workflow, the macro will be updated automatically.


Line 337.

  • Before: fit_stat <- summary (this_model)
    After: fit_stat <- accuracy(this_model)

Line 626

  • Before: fit_stat <- summary (this_model)
    After: fit_stat <- accuracy(this_model)
7 - Meteor



How can I download TS Forecast Factory as well?

7 - Meteor

The tool is so helpful, would you please help on how to use multiple grouping field? right now I am just able to group it based on just one field? 

6 - Meteoroid

@ndehghani you can download the TS Forecast Factory from this link: