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6 - Meteoroid

This keeps failing on Alteryx 2021.2 x64. :(



5 - Atom

Experiencing the same issue on Designer x64  version 2021.3.5.03604

5 - Atom

Does anyone have issues with this tool with Alteryx 2022.3.1.430 version?


I am unable to push data to Azure, although it seams I am connected and I can navigate to different path.

but receiving this cryptic message: Error: Azure Data Lake File Output (1): Error in existing file operations.- Failed to connect to platform


Connected to Gen 2 with S2S authentication.

5 - Atom

@Hamder83 - I am having same issue.  Can someone help on how to get dynamic file naming for bulk insert activity?


Hello @soufiane , there is not exactly Git for it and since the tool is currently supported by Alteryx, it needs to be modified by Alteryx as well. Although it's an interesting idea - making the repo public and let our users to enhance them. :) 

Nevertheless, the tool is written in python, so all the source code comes with the tool and thus you should be able to modify the tool by yourself. Although that experience is probably far from the one you'd get with direct git access.  

7 - Meteor

I'm getting this error- anyone figure this out?  It runs on my local machine fine, but when I deploy to server, I receive this error when running it.  


Error: Azure Data Lake File Input (138): ConnectionError('Failed to connect to platform') has type ConnectionError, but expected one of: bytes, unicode