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Q3 2018 Cleveland - Akron Alteryx User Group Meeting Recap

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

What a great turnout for our Q3 meeting on September 12 at Oatey Training Center!


We had an incredible lineup of speakers and activities:


@gpersons presented on the importance of documentation in workflows.  If you've ever had to go back to something you've done months ago or something that someone else has programmed, then you probably know the difficulty of trying to uncover what exactly is going on in a workflow.  Following his helpful suggestions makes this process so much easier!  Proud that Greg is part of my team!


@MarqueeCrew presented on an Acxiom data connector he recently developed and demonstrated a few of the CReW macros like the "Only Unique" tool.  While "Chaos Reigns Within", his tools help us subdue some of the chaos we encounter in working with data.  Mark is a tremendous asset to the Alteryx community and we were glad he was able to join us in Cleveland!


@smancin (Sean Mancini - hoping that's your username) from Clearsulting demonstrated how he uses Alteryx and Tableau in tandem to do data processing and visualization.  He also demonstrated how he uses geospatial tools to determine the best pizza restaurants to meet with clients and his own use of the CReW macros in workflows.  Sean has presented a webinar with Alteryx on Internal Audit Use Cases that can be referenced here   Glad you are part of the Cleveland User Group community!


@BenMoss and @chris_love your Alteryx Inspire Great Escape challenge lived on at the Cleveland-Akron User Group.  Very challenging and engaging, we had several groups get close to finishing.  Your tremendous creativity and willingness to share is greatly appreciated!


Thank you to our host - Oatey Company @britknip for your hospitality and providing us with an awesome meeting venue!  As always thank you to @TuvyL and @kgalbert for your leadership and input in putting together this fantastic agenda!


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6 - Meteoroid

This was really a great session.  I took away some great ideas that I would like to incorporate.

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



Thanks for the invite and letting me join you.





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