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In Case You Missed it: Q4 Cleveland - Akron User Group Meeting Recap

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Amazing turnout for the Cleveland - Akron Q4 User Group Meeting - We had 26 members from 4 Northeast Ohio companies!


We had several announcements:


1. Santalytics challenge has started!  Check Alteryx community - Weekly Challenge #97 to try it out.

2. Alteryx Inspire registration is open - early bird pricing is available now.

3. Alteryx Certification - Congratulations to Ken Albert and Ian Reed for joining me in earning their Alteryx Core certification!  The certification exam is open to anyone at no cost.  More details on Alteryx Community.


Hasan at Alteryx provided an overview of Alteryx Connect - a new way to understand what data sources and analyses have been done on an Alteryx server.


I did a quick overview of how to set up multiple predictive tools in a workflow and then evaluate the results with the model comparison tool.


Teams worked on several of the weekly challenges (one beginner, one intermediate, and one advanced).


Thank yous go to Hasan, Tatiana Servin, Tuvy Le, and Denis Dudzinski at Alteryx for all of your help setting up the meeting.  Thank you to Brendan Hearn at brandmuscle for helping plan the meeting and for hosting us.


Look for our Q1 2018 in February!


7 - Meteor

Thanks for facilitating Gary!  It was a great event!

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks for organizing Gary!  I learned a lot from this!  I can't wait for the next one.