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In Case You Missed It: Q1 2018 Cleveland-Akron User Group Meeting Recap

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus
Great turnout to start the year!  We had 21 people from multiple companies in Northeast Ohio in attendance!


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Thank you to Kristina Heuer and her team at Dealer Tire for organizing all of the IT requirements, food/snacks, and providing an awesome venue.  Thank you to Tuvy Le, Ken Albert, and Kristina Heuer for providing your leadership and guidance in pulling together the meeting agenda.

Key Announcements


  1. Alteryx For Good Week is April 15-22 - We will be recruiting volunteers to give their time to assist a local non-profit. This is a fantastic opportunity to give back to our community!  Look for an update on this forum.
  2. Alteryx Advanced Certification is now available – Take advantage of these certifications! They are free!!!

Ken Albert from our leadership team gave an AWESOME presentation on how to deal with data that resides in multiple (1000s of) Excel sheets.  This is especially challenging when some of the files are in .xls vs .xlsx format and when users did not use the same column headers each time.  Great work Ken!

Darren Walton and Shai from DVW solutions gave a very informative presentation on data connectors and other embedded features that allow users to connect Alteryx to SAP.  Information on this product can be obtained at the link below:

Alteryx Inspire 2018 is coming up June 4-7:
  1. Training and Networking at this conference are awesome
  2. This year it is located right next to Disneyland
  3. This year the Alteryx Grand Prix will be based on individual competition. If you would like to compete, registration is due by March 23, 2018
Alteryx Inspire Link

Alteryx Grand Prix Link  -!app/2018-Grand-Prix-Registration-App/5a5e0fd0effc2a2218344ca2

Resolutions to Solutions

Thank you to everyone who stayed after to work on a solution that greatly benefitted one of our members!  It is this kind of collaboration that we would like to continue to foster within our group!

Closing Remarks

Remember this is YOUR user group.  If there is content/programming that you would like to see or to present, please let us know.  We did have a request for a workshop/training on Macros which may be the subject of an upcoming meeting.

Look for our Q2 2018 meeting in May.
6 - Meteoroid

This was very informative last night.  I can't wait for the next event in May.