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Kayla Kurtz,RRD • Eric Okunevich, National Safety Council •Todd Martin, Rise Interactive •Caleb Catalano, Slalom

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2020 Update

6 - Meteoroid

Good Morning Alteryx Chicago User Group!


Last week, Kayla KurtzJohn KlimekZeba Hasan and Catherine Martinez met to discuss and plan out the group’s planned events for the year. Some ideas we were floating around included a fireside chat with Alan Jacobson, a product demo of the upcoming assisted modeling feature, a discussion around the new community learnings paths, a fireside chat with the Alter Everything podcast hosts (maybe they could do a live-recording with us there?!), and of course the annual holiday get together.


If you have any other ideas that you think would be a hit, or find any of the above particular interesting, please let us know in the comments below!


I do also want to formally introduce Catherine Martinez as our new Alteryx User Groups Coordinator. She will be the one bringing our events to life through coordinating with the key stakeholders at Alteryx.


Lastly, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of “Analyticon” happening on June 1-4 in New Orleans, LA whereby there will be hands on R/Python training, the Alteryx Grand Prix, amazing key note speakers and a lot more! Please let us know in the comments if you are planning on going!


Have a great weekend!


Jonathan Shertok

7 - Meteor


I know this is little late but at Bosch we started using Alteryx about a year ago. We've had awesome results but feel like we're really just scratching the surface with Alteryx's potential.


We've got quite a few Bosch team members in the Chicago area and would love to host a user group to explore, learn and take Alteryx to the next level within our organization and other's in the user group. We have a good open space at the Merchandise Mart downtown Chicago that could accommodate a pretty big group. 


Is this something we could try and do in 2020? 




5 - Atom

Great idea since we have a half dozen users at CommScope in the Chicago area that would be interested in this.


Best regards,



6 - Meteoroid

These all sound like great ideas, and I am excited to see what we do this year!

I would also be excited to gather at Merchandise Mart. After missing the last few events, I am really looking forward to getting back together with the community.

6 - Meteoroid

Hey Tyler,


Can you message me on linked-in and we can work towards scheduling our first event of 2020?




Jonathan Shertok

6 - Meteoroid

A user group would be great.



7 - Meteor

Jonathan, I'll message you and we can work on coordinating dates for a meet up. With availability we may have to plan for Summer 2020 but let's see what we can come up with.