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Alteryx User Group has been nominated for the 2022 CMX Awards!

7 - Meteor

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that the Alteryx User Group made it into the 2022 CMX Awards nominees for Best User Group Program! 

We are proud to be competing with the likes of AWS, UiPath, HubSpot, and other big names in the industry. So to keep the momentum and bring even more dazzle to this fun and exciting journey, we would love your support to vote!

It only takes a few seconds - visit, click on the User Group Program dropdown, click on Alteryx, enter your name and email, and hit Submit!  😎

Voting is open to the entire Community Industry so we encourage you to spread the word with your network and community members!

Thank you again and wish us luck! ​ 🍀

5 - Atom

It's been a while. Glad to see you guys are going strong. Congratulations to the group!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you, @Mac-Sawyer

And stay tuned for the next Charlotte User Group meetings in 2022! 😀

Flávia Brancato