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10 - Fireball

Reposting my message to @Joe_Lipski on the London User Group board.

We will be holding regular certification study groups at Digital Jersey to support members who would like to progress through the Certifications.


@ElizabethB who runs the Certification process has announced that from 8th March the certification will move to on-demand.

This is great, and will encourage more people to try, but you will only be able to take an exam once every 7 days.

If you have time this weekend, from personal experience with Advanced it's definitely easier to pass an exam if you can do it twice in succession - time limited offer !



Thanks Joe, it's easier for us here to organise since we are in close proximity, but we are just thinking of ways that we can help people get over "the fear" !


On that topic, and a propos nothing, here's my personal perspective on the Certification process;

  • Core Certification - Whilst I was initially outraged at not getting >90% as an experienced developer, some of the questions are trickier than they seem, and I have used plenty of things that I learnt from the exam subsequently.
    Passing Core should be obligatory for anyone making a living from Alteryx, and is a pre-requisite for our team passing probation.
  • Advanced Certification - I bombed first time! I hadn't read the briefing notes adequately so was sailing along looking at the time and my progress and thinking that it was easier than Core. 
    I don't want to give away the surprise, but suffice to say I had nowhere near enough time to complete. I went away to study and passed second time.  
    Every experienced developer should attempt Advanced at least once, if only to learn what they don't know and to understand Server.
  • Partner Certification (niche, I guess, but in the interests of completeness) - I took this the same weekend as Advanced, and it is basically Core+Advanced+some predictive. 
    Happy to pass first time !

What we emphasise to our User Group members is that no-one knows that you are taking the exam, it is free, so you have nothing to lose and can only gain from investing 2 hours of your time to at worst find out what you don't know.

Hopefully you get to share the certificate on LinkedIn !


One of the many beauties of Alteryx is that there is more than one way to skin a cat so you will find your own way of solving problems.

The exams, along with the Weekly Challenges, led me to learn new techniques - you can't know too much !


Our Community, and the amazing fact that the Certifications are FREE, are one of the glories of Alteryx.



10 - Fireball

Thanks to those who attended the certification last Tuesday, and we'll be repeating in the Autumn.


Updated exam guide attached.