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As more local organisations adopt Alteryx for their data and reporting work we've been asked by several users to create a User Group to have fun meeting other Alteryx users to share successes, knowledge and use cases from different organisations, as well as having attendees from Alteryx themselves. If you aren't an Alteryx user yet it will still be worth joining since the meetups will focus on solving data problems with techniques that are applicable across all technologies and networking with other analysis and data professionals.

Katrin Erb, Standard Bank Dan Hare, Continuum Ben Banim, Continuum

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The Expert Exam is now live online! Read about the specifics and what it took to bring it to life in the blog by our very own Elizabeth Bonnell!
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3rd May User Group meeting digest

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks to everyone who joined us on 3rd May at the Digital Jersey Hub.

Ben gave a quick update on his entry for the Inspire Europe Grand Prix, progress with Macmillan Jersey as Continuum's Alteryx for Good partners for 2018, and some tips and tricks on using Community resources.


We were extremely lucky to have Shaan, Adam and Mike visiting from Alteryx in between client meetings.

Shaan (or "Shaan-San" as we must now call him setting up Alteryx Japan)  gave a great demo on batch macros, I think that we all learning some best practice which is the point of the user group.

Shaan also showed Server and Connect which was a great intro for the "next level" of Alteryx use.


We had multiple attendees from 8 different clients, plus interested others - one attendee came in on her holiday because she didn't want to miss it !

Delish made lovely sandwiches as always, but I'm fairly sure that it was the Alteryx content that she was there for.


Our next meeting will be in September, as always to be scheduled around Alteryx visitors.

Photos to follow.

Alteryx Certified Partner