Calgary, AB

Thanks for coming to the Inaugural YYC Alteryx User group

8 - Asteroid

Good morning Data Wizards!


We had a great turn out yesterday, thank you all for coming! I hope you found it valuable and had the chance to exchange business cards to keep the conversation going.


Talking about conversation… please don’t forget to register to our YYC Alteryx Community:


Below is a summary of what we discussed:


  • Cone of silence: anything discussed in the user group, stays in the user group. This will enable the team to collaborate in solving problems, helping each other out and sharing learnings.
  • Presentation: please see attached.
  • Next meeting: January 30th. Location and agenda to be determined. If you would like to host it at your office location, let me know pls.
  • Suggested topics for next meetings: Use cases, ways to make ETL more efficient (tips and tricks), documentation and predictive analytics.
  • For the documentation topic, I have create a thread on the community. It would be great if you could all share your two cents on the subject:
  • Link for the LinkedIn network workflow:
  • Data for Good Datathon: please let me know if you are interested.
  1. Here is a link you may find helpful for when teaching Alteryx to people that never ever even played with excel:


I think that is all for now folks!

And please do not wait until the next meeting to network, I strongly encourage you to reach out to each other for a coffee, email with questions and so on.


Happy Alteryx-ing everyone!