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Learn Predictive Analytics – Become a More Complete Analyst!

6 - Meteoroid

Hello fellow Alteryx users,


I've mentioned this to a few people at the last couple of AUG's. I'm interested in taking the Predictive Analytics Nanodegree course which uses Alteryx Tableau.


I would like to do this as a group if I can, ie we do work throughout the week on our own time, then we come back together once a week to sharing findings, learn from each other, show all the ways there are to skin a cat.


It keep things moving and everyone on task. 


Here is a link to the course info on the Alteryx Community and here is the direct link to the nanodegree itself. It looks like it's $1200 USD for the course but am having a hard time finding a link to that info now.


If you are interested please PM me or better yet post in the thread. 




5 - Atom
I'm definitely interested in participating, as is one of my colleagues. Might have a couple of other people in our finance area interested as well :)
6 - Meteoroid
Let's look to kick something off in September. I'll spam the user group and hopefully pick up some fence sitters.
5 - Atom


I am currently pursuing this Nanodgree, it has been renamed as Business Analyst Nanodegree, here is the link


It's USD $200/pm and if you can give 3hrs a day you wont need to spend all $1200 for it.

I am half way through and with current work commitments the biggest challenge was to give the required time.

Happy to be part of the gang here.