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Alteryx Grand Prix


Hi All,


The Alteryx Grand Prix has been announced and has taken on a new form. This year teams of 3 will compete in April and the top 3 teams will create a blog post which will then be presented at Inspire in Vegas. At least 1 member of each of those 3 final teams would need to be attending Inspire in Las Vegas. You can find more information on this blog post.


So, that being said, we can submit a team of three from each user group. Each team must consist of 1 person for each of Spatial, Predictive & Favourites.


If you are interested in competing, please comment below with answers to the following questions.

Keep in mind that you will be required to build a blog post as a team in May and so you would need to be able to allocate time to it.

  • Which part would you like to compete for (Favourites, Predictive, Spatial)? (If listing multiple, then please put in order of preference).
  • Will you be able to attend Inspire in Vegas?


If we get enough interest and have to make a decision, then we will have to run some competitions at the User Groups in March.



6 - Meteoroid

If we have enough interest in the Brisbane User group I am happy to put my hand up for 1st preference Spatial, 2nd Favourites. I am sure I can squeeze in a trip to LA too :)