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RSVP TODAY: 6/26 Boston Alteryx User Group Q2

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to the Q2 Boston Alteryx User Group meeting, hosted by Slalom Consulting! Our meeting will include 2 guest presentations and end with a recap of Inspire Nashville!

We are very excited about providing an opportunity for Alteryx users in Boston to connect, share best practices, and improve skill sets that help maximize their potential with Alteryx.


Date and Time:

Wed, June 26, 2019

5:00 PM - 7:30 PM



Slalom Consulting

399 Boylston Street

Suite #1000

Boston, MA 02116


Tentative Agenda:

  • 5pm Introduction & Networking
  • 5:30 – Guest Presentation (Details to follow soon)
  • 5:50 - Guest Presentation (Details to follow soon)
  • 6:20 - Inspire Nashville Discussion
  • 7pm – 7:30: Share learnings and Conclude

Please plan extra time to check-in with security. Attendees will need to sign in on the first floor and then take the elevator to the 10th floor.

5 - Atom

Hi there.  Will there be another Alteryx Boston User Group meeting in the fall or Q3?  Thank you.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @FIGBOS ! I think there is plans for a Q4 meeting to close out the year! Let me see what @JoshuaM @JWeissman @justin_grosz @Ivan_Slalom @Claje  think. 


Is there anything in particular you would like covered at that meeting?

7 - Meteor

If anyone is using Alteryx to run API’s it would be great to walk thru that in detail at the next meeting.


7 - Meteor

Yes, API tools and workflow would be great to better understand and learn.


Also, if there is a time-series component as we use macroeconomic and capital markets data,

as well as indexing for time periods to run calculations like % change or absolute change.

Which might apply in a general sense to anyone using time-series APIs as a primer.


A nice free source would be:


The Saint Louis Fed's FRED interface


Thanks for the consideration!

8 - Asteroid


Yes, were looking to have another meeting sometime in Q4. I think the logistics are pretty much sorted out but content would be the next step. I like the idea @TimO recommended and have done something similar to this recently but just using our corporate site, so I can probably share this. Nonetheless, @LaurenU I can reach out to the group tomorrow and get back to you guys. cc @joe_de_foleschampe 

5 - Atom

Thank you so much everyone for the response.  For Q4 content presentation, I am hoping someone can run through a use case scenario for Decision Tree Modeling please? 

7 - Meteor

I second the recommendation on setting up API connections in Alteryx - starting to get some use cases for that and would love to see what others are doing.

7 - Meteor

I think this would be a useful topic as well.  


Is it confirmed that this user group meeting will happen or is it still up in the air?