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Meet your Boston Alteryx User Group Leaders!

8 - Asteroid

 Hi Boston,

 We are excited to be counting down to our inaugural Q1 FY23 BAUG meeting and wanted to take a minute to re-introduce ourselves to you! Our group of leaders are passionate about analytics, and we cover a wide range of experience and technicalities. Take a minute to learn about the leaders and feel free to reach out if you also love analytics and want to get involved with the group!







The Consultant

Joshua Marsh



     Hi, I’m Josh! I’ve been working in Data Analytics for over 7 years after initially starting my career in Finance as a Financial Analyst. I use tools such as Alteryx and Tableau to supercharge data pipelines and bring data to life through visualization. My passion lies in wrangling data and automating processes that free analysts up to focus on analytics. You should come join our user group to learn how to think like an engineer and learn some of the tricks of the trade. My advice to all new Boston Alteryx users, everything can be broken down into smaller pieces which will make even the most complex workflows easy to digest.  





The Educator

   Joy Gray




    Hi, I’m Joy!  I spent my professional career in internal audit and financial analysis, working for several large Boston area companies in the manufacturing/distribution and defense industries, performing analytics tasks before they were called data analytics.  Now I work in Higher Education focusing on introducing students (and faculty) to Accounting/Audit Analytics. The first time I saw Alteryx in action all I could think about was the hours of work it would have saved me in my prior roles. My best advice is, regardless of where you are in your analytics journey from absolute beginner to experienced data scientist, seeing what is possible and networking with other users will improve your skills.







The Healthcare Analyzer

Fiat Vongpunsawad, MPH



    Hi, I’m Fiat! I am excited to develop and grow our amazing Alteryx community here in Boston!  Having an entire career in consultation and population health analytics, I work with healthcare data from health plans, providers, employers, and other real-world evidence sources. Using Alteryx is about solving the business problems, identifying action-able solutions, and providing insightful business intelligence to any users. I’ve used Alteryx for about 5+ years and really like how intuitive and visual the gallery flow can be. Come and join us!  Let’s build our network and knowledge together with your participation and engagement!