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Women of Analytics India

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

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Hi everyone! I am very thrilled to start the subgroup- Women of Analytics India.


Thanks to @Deanna for the inspiration from DFW WoA group and mentoring me. This would also be one of the key themes I would like this group to benefit from - Mentorship


I am from Bangalore and within my 6 months of interaction on the Alteryx community and my first user group meeting, I am even more convinced how powerful this space is. Women of Analytics as rightly mentioned is a great platform to network, learn, motivate, unite to think and act to drive change.


I would like to start a subgroup and lead this initiate from India. Rupali Rege (@SanRup) has also accepted the invite to become the Mumbai face and join the leadership team. Meanwhile, I would really encourage people from different regions to join the leadership group to have representations throughout the country.

If you are interested to be part of the leadership group, feel free to post your comments or ping me or mail me at We can connect further to establish our roles and responsibilities, and to discuss further on the format and structure.


Before we setup in-person meetings, we will leverage the community to roll out discussion topics to understand what the members would like from this group and what works best. We can also have meetings adjacent to our user group meets which would be a great opportunity to get to know many women analytics pioneers, their journey and how we can enrich our learning and utilize this forum to share our stories and knowledge.



Please let me know your comments, thoughts or ideas that you have in mind and we will definitely take it forward! Looking forward for your responses.


Tagging the user group leads @ydmuley @scolaco@SubratDas5 and @MaddieJ , @SeanAdams, for your continuous support.


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

You go ladies!!

7 - Meteor
This is an amazing initiative, Nezrin! Looking forward to collaborating with you on this great effort.

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Its official now!


Thanks @Anviksha @Krisha @SanRup for joining  the leadership group.


Brace yourself for the upcoming events 🙂

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

All the best @Nezrin and team for a great initiative! Looking forward to the updates from these events 🙂



Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

Alteryx ACE | Alteryx For Good India Lead | Bengaluru Alteryx User Group Lead
5 - Atom

Looking forward to collaborating with all of you.

Lots of success.