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Recap of 2020 Q1- Bangalore - AUG - Virtual Session - Here's what you (may) have missed !

7 - Meteor

Hi Everyone !! 


Hope you all are safe during this pandemic.


As we finished hosting our first Q1 Alteryx user group meet for the year 2020 , I thought of giving a quick recap of the Q1 virtual session.


First and foremost, we thought of hosting the session in-person at Bangalore, but as we heard about the updates regarding Covid-19, the team decided to host it virtually , and then we were exploring multiple platforms to host them. We had initially decided to go with Zoom, but due to the limitations of the tool, we moved it to the Webex platform with the help of @LaurenU and team. Thank you so much to the Alteryx Team who helped us quickly to move it to Webex.


We are happy to state that we had around 25 people in attendance for the meeting on a quarantined afternoon. Thanks to each one of you for tuning into the session and making it engaging and valuable.


I started the session with introduction, talking and introducing the Leads community for Bangalore user group and discussed about several of the latest updates about the product and then took a deep dive on various topics ranging from Community updates, local user group sessions, Alteryx beta programs, Weekly challenges , Alteryx Podcasts discussions followed by Alteryx certification updates.


Up next was our first speaker for the event @jerrin , where he spoke about " How an accountant got addicted to Analytics with Alteryx" ? He is a passionate teacher and the CEO of his firm, Nu Pie Management Consultancy where he shares about how he got introduced to Alteryx and how he is leveraging the capabilities of the product , to solve the client problems. He spoke about how taking up the Alteryx certification on the certification day , helped him both professionally and in his teaching profession. He passionately spoke about the various stages of growing with Alteryx, right from 2017 to 2020 onward. He strongly believes in sharing his knowledge with the community and also with his students, making an impact on the world. It is an inspiring journey to listen to, and he ended the presentation by answering several questions of the participants.


We then moved on to the next part of the session, where we had an interesting business use case presentation led by the next speaker @TarunDeep , where he passionately spoke about how he was able to leverage the power of Alteryx in automating a business report. He has around 9 years of experience in the Analytics space, and he loves using Alteryx.

The business case was a " Firm wide Automated P & L statement report". He created a P&L report for the complete organization, by building automated workflows for all lines of business using Alteryx and the output file was uploaded on the server, where the dashboard is refreshed on Tableau.

Doing this, the entire manual process was automated with Alteryx, and the impact was it saved 6 days of manual work by 20 members across 5 departments  into a 45min  ETL Job now. Cheers to Alteryx:)


We then had a Fun game in the end where we asked questions related to Alteryx, hosted by @ydmuley and @SubratDas5

We noted the winners who answered quickly with their responses, who will be given some goodies:)


Then we had more updates about Alteryx For Good program from @ydmuley and @SubratDas5.

They helped participants with any queries they had in the Q&A session, which was the last part of the session.


We closed our user group with a good networking session through which we understood how Alteryx has helped users solve complex data challenges and many participants reached out to volunteer to share their use cases in upcoming sessions.


With that note, kindly find the attached PDF of Q1- session for your reference.


Thank you for reading this, and stay safe during this pandemic. 


Take care everyone!!


Till next time,

Happy Alteryxing


Bangalore User Group !!


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9 - Comet

Kudos to you @nravik for seeing this through and a great writeup to top it off. 


Thanks for hosting the session . 



12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Glad that we did a virtual session taking into consideration the current situation.


I hope we will do more Virtual sessions in the future to ensure that more and more people can participate.


Thank you all those who joined and thank you @nravik @SubratDas5 @jerrin