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Need help in shifting the data from one column to another column.

8 - Asteroid

Hi all,


Please help me out on how can I shift the highlited data from one column to another. Like this they are randomly distributed in these two columns.


Kindly please help me out how to place the data in their respective columns.


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

B. Sreenivasa Teja. 




8 - Asteroid

Please refer to this screenshotPlease refer to this screenshot.Please refer to this screenshot.

7 - Meteor

You can use the formula tool to solve this. Use the formula tool and write conditional (if-else statement)


1) If characteristics_crm contains number then characteristics value = characteristics_crm else retain the value of charecteristics_value

2) If characteristics_value contains string then characteristics_crm = characteristics_value else retain the value of charecteristics_value


Hope this helps.


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