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Interview question

7 - Meteor

Hi All,


Could you please advise me on some Alteryx interview question based on your experience.

It would be helpful to for preparing and learning too.




8 - Asteroid

Hi Dev,


I'l share you my personal experience. Mostly you will asked :

1) types of macros and difference between them

2) Input vs dynamic input tool

3) How Alteryx JOIN operation is different from Database joins.

4) Difference b/w Append, Join and Union tool

5) Fuzzy match, find&replace tool

6) Different types of output you prepared in your project.

7) Creating a .hyper output in alteryx  and how to publish directly to Tableau server

😎 Transpose vs Cross tab

9) What all options are there in Select tool. What if you will not select the last Unknown field?

10) Everything about Regex tool. 

7 - Meteor

Thanks a lot for your response.