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Alteryx Bangalore User Group Meet Q1 2019 - Recap

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Good Day Alteryx Bangalore UG Members!


We really appreciate and thank everyone who attended our Q1 Bangalore User Group meeting 30 March 2019! A big thank you to @jerrin for helping us out when we needed the most and all the student volunteers who helped us throughout the event.





The user group kicked off with the introduction of Alteryx user group leads and the purpose and benefit of being a part of the Alteryx community by our champion @ydmuley . As we had a bunch of enthusiastic students with interest in analytics, we had also planned out a session specifically for them


@viveksahoo  who has been part of the core user group, did a brilliant presentation on the future of data science and what can be expected from the analytics industry. The students were very responsive and keen to participate in the discussion and the support from the faculty was also remarkable. We were really thrilled when they told that they already have Alteryx as part of their college syllabus and it was exciting as they were already on our side!


This was followed by community updates by @Vaibhav_rajasekhar, who has always been a consistent and active user group member in all the user group events. Thanks Vaibhav for the amazing clicks as well. He also took the group through community resources and how it can be utilized at the best.


We also played few videos from Inspire London last year and encouraged people to sign up for the upcoming Inspire event at Nashville.


Our user group lead, @SubratDas5  presented a very interesting Alteryx use case regarding “Unraveling the Credit History” where he highlighted in detail the problem statement and the approach he used in creating a workflow, detailing the data processing and the complexity involved. There were a couple of questions which the audience were curious about especially around interacting using an API call in Alteryx.


Women of Anlaytics and Alteryx for Good are one of the very active groups in Bangalore and we ensured that we detailed more about what we have done in the past and the upcoming activities for each. At the end of the session, we had more hands who were interested to contribute and join the squad.


As an example and success story, the recent AFG use case was elaborated by @dhavaldoshi who has been naturally keen to solve any Alteryx use cases that comes his way. The personal AFG visit experience was shared by Vivek (who drove down 2000kms) and @Anviksha who did her first AFG visit.


The meeting ended on a light note by a very interesting networking activity organized by Anviksha where we connected Alteryx to one of the traditional Indian festivals - Holi. The participants had to pick a color and paint their favorite Alteryx tool with their hand and we let the most creative group win (more pictures to follow). One participant even called out the “Select” tool as their college sweetheart for being there whenever you need :)


I hope the attendees not only enjoyed their time and experience, but also liked some of the Alteryx swag and snacks. If you haven’t filled out the feedback survey yet, please feel free to drop your comments or suggestions here or DM one of us @Nezrin @scolaco @ydmuley @SubratDas5.


Last but not the least, thanks to the user group leads @scolaco @ydmuley @SubratDas5, behind the scene crew for coordinating the food & logistics and technical assistance, and all the volunteers for the collective efforts in terms of planning and organizing. For those who have missed, stay tuned and lets keep the spirit alive until our next meet.


Also a big thank you to the Alteryx team esp @ChrisS for helping us to plan this out.


@MaddieJ @TuvyL @ToriA @MarqueeCrew @SeanAdams @NicoleJohnson @BrianO @LaurenU @princejindal @LeahK  @crastakenneth  @Harikumar0194 @Aastha @mano10-09-1991 @LavanyaK24 @joemsfs @QuyenT @LeahK  @LDuane 



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20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Looks like Dushhera & other holiday events are making October an no-go.  We'd want to have a User Group meeting and an AFG event during my visit.  I'm very honored to be an invited guest to your meeting and hope to make it happen.  For the trip to India, I am trying to tie it closely with some planned travel.  If there's a way, I'll try again.




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8 - Asteroid
We're really looking forward with a lots of excitement to have you (@MarqueeCrew)
and @SeanAdams others in the AFG India event.
8 - Asteroid
We're really looking forward with a lots of excitement to have you ( @MarqueeCrew )
and @SeanAdams others in the AFG India event.
12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

@MarqueeCrew  It will be a pleasure to have you at one of our AUG/AFG events.


This time the timing was around Dushera vacations - But we hope to see you soon.

Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

Alteryx ACE | Alteryx For Good India Lead | Bengaluru Alteryx User Group Lead