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Austin, TX

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Austin User Group Meeting Recap Q1 2020

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Good Day Alteryx Austin UG Members!


We really appreciate and thank everyone who attended our Q1 2020 Austin User Group meeting on 2/19/2020!


If you missed the meeting, a survey was announced and it helps push User Groups forward more If we have the most people fill out the survey by the end of March, Alteryx with throw us a pizza party!


UX survey.png


Our unique sign in method:
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We started the meeting with a few Alteryx announcements:


  • Analyticon will be taking place on June 1-4, 2020 in New Orleans, LA. Alteryx is looking for speakers with use cases! If you are interested in presenting, please submit your request to the Alteryx Community Team. If selected, you will receive a free pass to Analyticon 2020!
  • For those Alteryx geeks who love to experiment, Alteryx has a BETA program where you can apply to test out the latest features and provide feedback!
  • Recently, Alteryx started an analytics podcast called Alter.Everything. All episodes are available on Community and on SoundCloud.




Chris Lewis, Whole Foods Market


I discussed how to approach Alteryx Analytic Apps from a developer standpoint. How does one decide to build the workflow or User Interface first and what are the pros and cons of each method of development?


One great slide we spent some time on:

Slide 1.png


Team Challenge!


After our good discussion on analytic apps and how to leverage a good development cycle with them, we then introduced/re-introduced to some Alteryx community weekly challenges!

Slide 2.png


Everyone had a blast with the challenges, and we shared that Weekly challenges aren't just for you to solve, but to learn how others solve problems. There is a ton of value in seeing how others approach and solve problems. You can find easier ways to accomplish tasks within Alteryx, being there are at least 5 ways to solve every problem with Alteryx.

Weekly Challenge 2.jpgWeekly Challenge 3.jpgWeekly Challenge 4.jpgWeekly Challenge.jpg

Weekly Challenge 1 - edit.jpg



We also had a bunch of snacks for the attendees and got to use a killer room with some awesome decor!


The snacks!.jpg

Room for meeting - edit.jpg


Follow Up


The Austin User Group is always looking for speakers who would like to share their use cases or topics users would like to see in the future. If presenting interests, you, please email usergroups@alteryx.com or touch base with one of our leaders on community (@cplewis90@Blake), @Greenjohn16)



13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

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