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North America Virtual User Group Meeting - June 30th & Atlanta User Group Meeting Updates!

7 - Meteor

Wow!  It truly has been some time!  Lots of great stuff has been happening in the data & analytics world over these past few months, but luckily, we are getting closer to shaking off some of that ice and moving forward.  I took a look at the chat in one of the previous posts and am loving the engagement here!  We are still around, I think COVID and job transitions got folks.  We are planning to have a virtual user group meeting in July, but before that, let's share a bit about the North American User Group Meeting:


- North American User Group Meeting

- Date - June 30th

- Time - 12-1 PM EST

- Registration - You can register for the meeting here: registration link

- It will be a blast, and we will probably have an Atlanta User Group virtual meetup/happy hour after it.


Atlanta User Group Updates

- July User Group Meeting - The team is currently planning for a July virtual meeting.  So keep your eyes and ears open for it! 

- Speakers - If anyone is interested in speaking about a use case that they have, reply here or shoot me a DM with what you are interested in speaking about for our July or even a future user group meeting.  We may shift to every quarter for the time being, and as demand and use cases increase, we will increase the occurrences accordingly.  

- Interactive Topics/Challenges - What is the appetite for having interactive challenges similar to the Grand Prix where groups get a chance to work on challenges together to both learn new techniques and get an opportunity to share your approach to the said problem with the group?  

- Topics - If there are topics of interest, please reply to this thread and we can cue them up.  I will probably also create another topic for that as well.  

---  Terabyte scale processing/analysis with Alteryx

---  New Alteryx features and how to use them

---  Tactical use cases such as monitoring via server, or Server API's

---  Any a myriad of topics!  Let us know and so we can ensure that the topics are relevant!  


That's all I got!  Stay tuned, and please always feel free to reach out regarding anything related to the user group!  Looking forward to seeing ya'll in the next 2 weeks at the NA Virtual User Group!  



7 - Meteor

I have already registered!  Super exciting times ahead...