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Intro - hello everyone!

5 - Atom

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday! My name is Jennifer and I'm Tax Director at Astec Industries, a manufacturer HQ in Chattanooga, TN. I work remotely out of my home near Atlanta. I'm super excited about the Atlanta user group! Our tax team has Alteryx on the agenda to roll out in 2022. Besides getting certified through Alteryx, what other ideas do you have for a new user such as myself to learn Alteryx and articulate its value to stakeholders at my company? I have some exposure to Alteryx (I've built a couple of workflows in a trial at my prior employer) but I'm excited to learn more and apply it to our work in the tax department. Thanks!

8 - Asteroid


Maybe this link can help: Alteryx Use Cases - Alteryx Community

Also, listen to the use cases in the user group meetings and watch any of the webinars.

I'm doing one next week: 


Welcome to Alteryx 🙂 

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Jennifer! Welcome to the user group! It's super exciting to see new companies start to embrace the power of Alteryx, especially in traditionally Excel-heavy areas like Tax and Finance. The great news for you is Alteryx has already created a ton of use cases and materials specifically focused on your area of expertise! I can dig them up for you and send them your way, and would also be happy to hop on a call to walk through your approach to creating the business case. I will reach out to you via LinkedIn to start the conversation. Again, welcome!