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Join the Public Sector Team for our 4 part virtual Summer Series


Welcome to our 4-part Summer Series. Building Camp Gov with Alteryx!  


As a participant in this series, we will walk you through setting up pieces of our back end (fictitious) camp system with Alteryx! Along the way you will learn how to apply the automation and analytics system to your role, while having a little fun in the process.  



Week 0: Orientation for Camp Gov 

In this 30-minute preliminary session we will connect to the platform that will be used over the course of the next month and ensure you are able to log in and access all resources.  This is scheduled for a 30-minute session but may take as few as 10 minutes to get you online.  


Week 1: Camp Registration 

Oh no! Our website went through a migration during the registration period.  As a result, we have campers whose registrations ended up on our database, others whose registrations logged to Google Sheets, and a third set of campers whose information was collected onsite and is in Excel.  During this 90-minute session we’ll get all of the data blended and clean up anything that still looks a little messy.  From there we’ll start to build each camper’s chart with their photo, allergies, interests etc. and will continue to fill their file throughout the session.  Finally, we’ll create a quick auto email to send to parents who have a balance due reminding them of the payment deadline. 


 How does this relate to your job in the real world? You will learn the following skills: 

  • Data Blending from a variety of sources for future analysis 
  • Clickable and repeatable data cleansing 
  • Annotation and how to cleanly document all data manipulation for auditing purposes 
  • Report building for ad hoc consumption and scheduling 

Common applicable use cases 

  • Finance reconciliation 
  • Audit automation and documentation 
  • Automation and scheduling of email notifications for late utility payments 
  • Scheduled data cleansing and loads into a warehouse or database 
  • Pushing automated updates to dashboards or other sources routinely 


Week 2: Bunk Assignments 

Camp Gov believes in creating the best experience for all campers.  Part of that includes outfitting their cabins with things that interest them for their downtime.  When campers registered, they were asked to indicate their interests.  This will be used to assign them to a bunk with supplies and/or equipment to fuel their passions during their non-scheduled activity times.  In this session we will build an iterative macro that will assign campers to bunks considering capacity, gender, age and interest. From there the camper’s files will be updated with their bunk assignments.  


How does this relate to your job in the real world? You will learn the following skills:  

  • How to iterate or loop through data making assignments in an automated way.  
  • How to combine the work of different analytical projects into a single report in an additive manner.  

Common applicable use cases 

  • Shipping optimization 
  • Using iterative processes for scheduling and assigning case workers to cases or vice versa (i.e. assigning help desk tickets to servicers) 
  • Overtime assignments based on calculated rules 
  • Inspection scheduling based on risk vs timed schedule 



Week 3: Getting ahead of the “homesick” issue 

Camp can be a lot of fun, but some kids need to see their parents more often to avoid feeling homesick.  At Camp Gov we’re happy to ensure this can happen to make each camper as happy and productive as possible. To schedule extra video calls, we need to know which campers are likely going to need them.  Luckily, we have predictive analytics! In this session we will build a model to determine which campers are likely to require this service.  


How does this relate to your job in the real world? You will learn the following skills:  

  • How to use predictive analytics to build models.  
  • How to use your data to gain greater insights and get ahead of potential problems. 

Common applicable use cases 

  • Use predictive analytics to plan for equipment maintenance and inevitable equipment failures  
  • Predict employee attrition rates  
  • Predicting the likelihood of student enrollment and student churn 
  • Prediction of employee injury 


Week 4: Getting ahead of parent anxiety 

Sometimes camp is harder on the parents than it is the kids.  No need to worry at Camp Gov! Each night we ask our campers to write a quick note on what they enjoyed the most that day.  Our counselors upload the daily note to the parent portal.  We will learn how to set up permissions on the portal to allow parents to log in from home and only see the updates from their children.  


How does this relate to your job in the real world? You will learn the following skills:  

  • How to create and add permissions to a central repository for your analytic outputs. 
  • How to create a multi-media report.  

Common applicable use cases 

  • Utilize a server environment for secure sharing of data and outputs at worker and enterprise levels 
  • Creating a repository for end users to gain access to ad-hoc queries or parameterized outputs 

 Register for all 4 weeks! All data and system access will be provided prior to the orientation kickoff. 


*** Registration for this series is currently closed as we have reached capacity.  Please check back soon for future course dates ***