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By now, hopefully you have had a chance to visit the Alteryx customer portal, Mission Control, and have seen all the valuable features it offers. We wanted to take a moment to share some exciting new features that were recently launched.


Value Realization Tracker: Where Value Promised Meets Value Realized


Do you have a lot of workflows created to help save you or your company time or money? Do you know how much time is being saved from each of your workflows?  Do you want to be able to communicate the value of these workflows to your colleagues? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Value Realization Tracker is ready for you to help visualize these benefits in a quick and easy way. 


In Mission Control, you can find the link to the Value Realization Tracker in the left navigation or access the link here. In the Tracker, you can create a use case to document a workflow and all the details of it.  It allows you to identify some key information about the use case and the benefits it delivers. Then, you can document life before the workflow in hours spent vs. the predicted and actual savings the workflow delivered. Once the documentation is complete, you can visualize these benefits in bar charts that aggregate each use case. There is also a feature that allows you to download the overall savings to share as needed.




Auto Renewals: Maintain Access to Alteryx


The Auto-Renewal program ensures that you can maintain uninterrupted access to Alteryx products by conveniently processing your renewal systematically without requiring manual intervention. If your contracts are flagged for auto-renewal, you can now view and manage them in Mission Control’s Preference Center. Rest assured, you will still receive timely notifications before your subscription ends and have the ability to opt out of auto-renewal in Mission Control.




Feature Adoption: Supercharge Your Data Workflows


Another new feature released to Mission Control is the Feature Adoption Dashboard. There is a teaser dashboard on the main page once you’re logged into Mission Control, but using the link on the left side navigation will take you to the page where you can learn more about your feature adoption. Feature adoption refers to users effectively using and integrating various features and capabilities offered by Alteryx Designer into their data workflows, analysis, and automation processes. It involves understanding and utilizing the different tools, functions, and features available within Alteryx to maximize the benefits and value it provides.


The benefit of knowing feature adoption is that it helps your organization understand how effectively its features are being utilized by users. By tracking feature adoption, you can identify which features are popular and widely used, as well as which features may require improvement or further promotion. It also allows organizations to provide targeted training and resources to help users fully leverage the features and functionalities available, ultimately maximizing the value and benefits they receive from the software.


The dashboard provides filters for you to select a date range and sort the results by Runs, Tools, or Users. It also provides data from an industry level, account level, and individual user level (granted telemetry is sending the data). There are also valuable links on this page to help you learn more about Alteryx Starter Kits, which contain templates and sample data to learn and explore Designer’s features. Another link will take you to the One Tool Examples, where you will find sample workflows to help you learn about the untapped resources available.