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What an exciting event! The action-packed race included 10 amazing competitors, some bad lip reading, and a photo finish.


The race was organized into 3 Heats. Heat 1 had all 10 drivers competing for 6 spots in Heat 2. Their order of completion determined their matchup – 1st v 6th, 2nd v 5th, 3rd v 4th.

In Heat 2 the winner of the 3 matchups advanced.

In Heat 3, the first to finish was crowned the champion.


Heat 1 was an exciting race that displayed many approaches to the same problem. In the end, the 6 to advance (in order of completion, 1-6) were Kenda, George, Harriet, Jarrod, Claire, and Nicole.


In Heat 2, the matchups were Kenda v Nicole, George v Claire, and Harriet v Jarrod. George and Jarrod both won their matchups finishing in very speedy times. The matchup of Kenda v Nicole was a nail-biter and required a slowed-down instant replay. In the end, Nicole edged out Kenda by under a second to advance to Heat 3.


Heat 3 showed us a couple different approaches – George and Nicole working mostly in a Formula and Jarrod using multiple tools to solve the problem. Jarrod crossed the finish line first and is your 2021 Grand Prix Champion! Congrats, Jarrod!


I would like to thank our 10 finalists (listed below) and everyone that competed in the prelims. We hope to see you at the next Grand Prix!






Community Handle

Alejandro Ferrandis del Valle

BNP Paribas


Madrid, Spain



Claire McCollough

University of Colorado, Boulder

Colorado, USA


Dhaval Doshi

Jones Lang LaSalle

Mumbai, India


George Walker


London, UK


Harriet Jack


London, UK


Jarrod Thuener


Indianapolis, US


Kelsey Kincaid


Kansas City, US


Kenda Sanderson

MedPro Group

Indiana, US


Nicole Johnson


Seattle, US


Will Griffiths


Redding, UK


Jimmy Garrett
Sales Engineer

Jimmy Garrett is manager on the Sales Engineering team at Alteryx and has been with the company for over 10 years.

Jimmy Garrett is manager on the Sales Engineering team at Alteryx and has been with the company for over 10 years.

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

@JimmyG ,


 great event!  In honor of @jarrod I think that we should create a Jared's June Vertical month!  Everyone should try #TeamVerticsl. 



also, from my comfortable seat in the peanut gallery I still wondered why contestants didn't make use of CACHE. 





 ps the trophy is vertical too

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Congrats, @jarrod .


Fine work.



12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

@JimmyG  and @zperkins , awesome broadcast! I now want two things... pink tools and chicken strips.


@MarqueeCrew - #TeamVertical all the way!


As for a challenge, I think people should try creating new workflows in Vertical and let us know how it goes. Switching existing, documented workflows to a different orientation is a tad messy, so I'd stick by the mantra "let sleeping dogs lie" there. I'm curious how many people continue to build in vertical after switching. I'd offer the same challenge to those on #TeamVertical - try Horizontal for 30 days (again, on new builds). Worst case, you have a better understanding of reading other's workflows build in the opposite orientation. 


What a great Virtual Inspire! Loved every minute of it!

See you all next year and in the Community!

- Jarrod