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I am excited to announce the release of our newest version of Alteryx that brings new ways to connect to your data, manage your workflows, and uncover insights in structured and unstructured data.

With this release, we have redesigned Designer Desktop with a clean, fresh look. We have multiple new connectors and data connection improvements, and we now support Cloudfetch with DataBricks.

Intelligence Suite continues to add powerful new Text Mining and Computer Vision tools that enable customers to optimize how they handle images and unstructured text files. Finally, we are supporting more ways to accelerate your analytics with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) support, and localization support for Server.

Keep reading to learn more about these exciting new capabilities and features.


A New Look for Designer

Upon download of Designer, you will immediately notice an updated look and user experience. We have been listening to feedback from our customers and have developed a Designer experience that not only looks better but is easier to navigate and visualize your work.


Alteryx Designer gets a clean fresh look, complete with modernized tool icons.


Cloud Connectivity Enhancements

Modern enterprises require analytics automation platforms that bridge on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. This creates a critical need for modern data architectures that leverage cloud data warehouses and data lakehouses, with full support for SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and analysis. Alteryx is committed to providing this scale and flexibility, combined with advanced analytics capabilities, to empower organizations to easily democratize data for every person, at every skill level.

With the 22.1 release, Alteryx delivers these needs with key new integrations. First, Alteryx has built new functionality in our In-DB tools to support reading and writing from Databricks Delta Lake and supports the advanced functions: Cloud Fetch architecture and Databricks SQL.

Databricks Cloud Fetch allows for fetching data in parallel via cloud storage such as Azure Data Lake and AWS (Amazon Web Services) S3.

It will also include the ability to Read/Write Avro files to Delta Lake for AWS and Azure in addition to IN-Db Bulk Loading. These features are key new enablers for any organization to ingest and prep large amounts of data by allowing users to read and write in parallel on Databricks, maximizing efficiency.

More information on CloudFetch can also be found here: How to Extract Large Query Results Through Cloud Object Stores. Also read our blog about why lakehouses are always better.

We’ve also made big improvements to our Snowflake bulk loading, resulting in up to 80% improvement in performance, and the improvement increases as the volume of data increases. For example, customers who need to load 15M rows of data will see an average of 50 min improvement in load time. Finally, we have improved our capabilities and support for loading data from Big Query, Salesforce, and Greenplum.


AMP Engine Updates


Alteryx Multi-Threaded Processing (AMP) is now the default for all new workflows. This engine utilizes available computer resources better and improves workflow execution speed. Users have seen as much as 10x improvement in performance versus the standard engine.

If you would like to learn more about AMP, please visit the Alteryx AMP Engine help page.


Even More Coming to Intelligence Suite

Last year we launched our Computer Vision toolkit, which provides PDF parsing capabilities powered by Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With 22.1, we’re adding even more ways to extract data in hard-to-reach places and enhancing text mining.

With our new Barcode Tool, you can automatically extract information from barcodes and QR codes. This could be barcodes on package labels or codes to identify documents. Our new Part-of-Speech Tool lets you identify distinct parts of speech in text, processing your data for Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. For example, you could use it in conjunction with the Topic Modeling Tool and improve results by isolating it to nouns.


The new Barcode Tool enables you to read Barcode and QR codes as well as create new ones based on text input.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Support

We have listened to our customers and starting with 22.1, Alteryx will now officially support VDI in both persistent and non-persistent environments. Keep an eye out for more information in the coming releases as we make this transition.


Alteryx Auto Insights Integration

Alteryx Auto Insights now comes seamlessly integrated with Designer Desktop and Server. Users can now automatically connect, configure and schedule Auto Insights from their workflows to gain AI-driven insights from their data.


Server Localization Beta


In 22.1, we are launching the Beta version of additional language support in Server. This will include French, German, Japanese, LATAM Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, and Simplified Chinese for the first time! When you log in, your browser's language preferences will be queried, and based on whether you're an existing or new user, your user settings will be updated accordingly. To provide us with feedback on this new supported experience, please head over to our Pilot Program.


Upgrade to 2022.1 Today

There are many more enhancements, features, and ways to scale better across the enterprise with our latest release. To read more about these new features, and more, head over to Technical Documentation. We also love hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Let us know what you think about this release or share your ideas on our Community Discussion Forums.


Want a sneak peek at what’s next?

If you are a current customer, find out more about what new features we’re working on behind the scenes through our Public Preview Beta Program. You can now test all features in one Designer build and provide feedback directly to our Product Team.


suresh vittal
Chief Product Officer

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.

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8 - Asteroid

Very nice - I am so excited about that :) happy to start using it.