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Many of us know someone who’s stuck in spreadsheets, spending hours on data munging, prep + blend, and other manual data tasks when really they could be automating their analytics with workflows and focusing on more advanced analytics.


Maybe you already have someone in mind that fits this description. Maybe it’s an old colleague or friend that’s still spending way too much time on tasks that they could be streamlining with Alteryx.


There’s a better, faster, 21st-century way to do analytics, and we want to make it easier for you to share the power of Alteryx. Help us spread the word and get your friends and colleagues out of old, archaic ways of analyzing data. Plus, you’ll earn some handsome rewards in the process.


What is the REFER A DATA FRIEND program?


The Refer a Data Friend program is for current customers to earn rewards when they share their Custom Alteryx Trial Link with others who could use a little “Alteryx” in their lives.


Step 1: Sign up for the program and share your Custom Alteryx Trial Link with colleagues and data





Step 2: When your data friend downloads the Alteryx trial using your link, you earn $15 in rewards


Step 3: When your data friend purchases Alteryx, you earn $200 in rewards


Learn more about the program + get your custom share link.

What kind of rewards can I choose from?


US & Canada: (choose one)

  • Choose from over 100 gift card options
  • Alteryx Swag Store Voucher
  • Donate your reward to a charity of your choice


UK & Ireland:

  • Choose from over 40 gift card options


Who can sign up for the program & earn rewards?


Any paying, licensed user (including non-partner ACES & AFG) in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland.


Where can I learn more?


Check out all the details and reward values for each country, as well as the fine print here:

US, CA, UK, Ireland


What if I have questions?


If you have any questions about the program, please email: