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The Innovator program is a collaborative network of customers and partners who go above and beyond with the Alteryx platform and share their accomplishments. We are thrilled to highlight your work and personal brand as you help grow and influence ours. 



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You will be part of an enthusiastic and innovative group of Alteryx fans and gain access to prime opportunities to advance your career and display your meaningful work. All you need is a willingness to share your knowledge.



Be an Innovator and get industry recognition through awards, promote your personal brand in webinars, highlight your success in case studies, and take advantage of the many other benefits the Innovator program offers. Your skills are in high demand. Your peers yearn to connect, share, and learn how you empower your organization through data analytics.

Icons ShowPad.png Anyone significantly contributing or willing to start, is eligible for nomination. You can even nominate yourself. 
Icons ShowPad (5).png Click on the “Start Program” button below, and pick the activities that interest you. The Customer Advocacy team will review your nomination.
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We will inform you via e-mail of upcoming activities handpicked for you. 

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Earn points as you complete the activities and redeem your points for rewards.

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If you want to record activities you have completed since January 1, 2021 click here






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Sounds interesting! Has this replaced the Alteryx Advocacy program? Because I can not seem to find that anymore and I have been a part of that 🙂

@ram_neel Yes, this is our new Advocacy program. All members of the Advocacy.Amplified program were automatically enrolled in the Innovator program and all points were transferred too. 

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@AlteryxAdvocacy  - I see ! that's for letting us know , Can I suggest some ideas for improvements along with some questions.


1) An email to existing members of the Advocacy.Amplified program about this change and they have been rolled over to the new program , because at this stage we are left wondering what happened to the earlier program.


2) The activities of this new program are different from the earlier one , so how do we claim for points on an activity which does not exist anymore? ( Like becoming a user group leader is not an activity anymore )


3) Even if you already have a profile , the system still lets you create another one with exactly same details . 


4) A page for the members to login and keep track of their points 


5)  How do I update my profile to add a new activity like  becoming a mentor which did not exist before. Because it says that we would be notified when opportunities become available and I assume this would be based on what activities are chosen by us?


Hi @ram_neel Thank you for your feedback. We will certainly take that into consideration. We matched all the points of completed activities, so no worries! Please e-mail us at and we will make sure all your activities are logged correctly. Sorry about any confusion. 

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6 - Meteoroid

Is there a toolkit for promotion on Social Media?  I'm an Alteryx Innovator and would love to put it out there, just not seeing the imaging that should accompany that.  Apologies if I'm missing it somewhere!  Thanks!


Hi @DavidVelleca! We will send you an email with the information for you to share! 

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks @ThalitaC! Appreciate it!

5 - Atom

Let's finger crossed. Hope in my government programs I can make something innovative in data analytics.