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What is the Alteryx Public Preview program? Alteryx will deliver a single build of Designer with all upcoming GA functionality available to test in customer environments. This means our customers can test this functionality a full month before it is Generally Available. Imagine validating upcoming Designer functionality in your own unique production environment, and at the same time building expertise and knowledge around these new features and enhancements.


How can I get started? Below is a summary of what you can test and how to provide feedback!


1. Log in to the Alteryx Designer Public Preview Program.


2. Choose your installer. Don’t know which installer to use? Check out this blog post.


3. Follow instructions below to tour new functionality introduced with the Public Preview program build.


4. Give us your feedback!



What's New?


Replace - Designer users love our ‘Find’ functionality. Help us test the new Replace functionality to create an experience that makes it easy for users to find and now Replace found values across their workflows!



figure 1 – Replace tab in Designerfigure 1 – Replace tab in Designer



PostgreSQL & Snowflake Bulk Loaders - Alteryx bulk loaders are meant to improve the performance of data loads. Currently it takes a long time to insert via ODBC or would require a user to write a custom solution to get this to work. With the new PostgreSQL & Snowflake Bulk loaders, Alteryx Designer users can streamline the results of their work into PostgreSQL and Snowflake databases.



figure 2 - Snowflake Bulk Connection Dialog Windowfigure 2 - Snowflake Bulk Connection Dialog Window


figure 3 - PostgreSQL Bulk Loader Connection Dialogfigure 3 - PostgreSQL Bulk Loader Connection Dialog



International DateTime support for DateTime Now & Report Header tools - International language support added to the DateTime Now tool allows users to receive in language DateTime feedback upon output for the first time.



figure 4 - International language support in the Date Time Now toolfigure 4 - International language support in the Date Time Now tool




Automatic Modeling Mode - Assisted Modeling now includes an option for users to “automatically” create a machine learning model. In one click, this feature evaluates multiple pipelines with hyperparameter tuning, and returns the best model to the leaderboard!



figure 5 – New ‘Automatic’ option for generating a machine learning modelfigure 5 – New ‘Automatic’ option for generating a machine learning model




Holistic Data Profiling Filters in Browse Tool - Users can now filter within Holistic Data Profiling by Fields, and Data Types present within the data set.


figure 6 - New ‘Holistic Data Profiling’ tool within the Browse toolfigure 6 - New ‘Holistic Data Profiling’ tool within the Browse tool




Of course, there’s always a wide range of general Enhancements & Bug Fixes included in each release (too many to list here). You can review a comprehensive list of these fixed and known issues and learn more if you Sign In/Up here for the Alteryx Public Preview. Questions? just email

7 - Meteor

Love to see more folks using this tool!