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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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UPDATE: The certification program has undergone changes since this blog was published. Please visit the Certification Program page for the most up to date information. Thank you!




Certification Program Overview

In response to overwhelming customer demand, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Alteryx Certification Program.


The Alteryx Certification Program will contain a series of exams that allow you to:

  • demonstrate your proficiency across Alteryx products and versions,
  • to communicate your expertise in a standardized manner, and
  • promote your personal brand in the global Alteryx community and marketplace.


Upon certification, you will be assigned the respective Alteryx Community badge, and will receive a PDF certificate. Personally, I'd throw a party!!


Certification Levels

The Alteryx Certification Program will consist of the following certification levels, and will change to reflect the Alteryx platform:


Designer Core (available now) – demonstrated proficiency with the fundamentals of Alteryx Designer and the favorites tools. Exam topics include: Connecting to Data, Data Types, Basic Preparation, Basic Blending, Descriptive Analysis, Help, Basic Macros & Analytic Apps, Output Data.


Designer Advanced (available Q1 2018) – advanced proficiency with Alteryx Designer. Exam topics include: Advanced Questions from Designer Core, plus Batch Macros, Data Investigation, Advanced Parsing, Advanced Analytics Apps, Spatial Analysis, Reporting, Visualization Integration, Gallery.

  • Prerequisite – Designer Core


Designer Expert (available Q2 2018) – demonstrated proficiency with the full-suite of Alteryx Designer capabilities, spatial analytics and the ability to connect and work with all applicable data sources. Exam topics include: More Complex Designer Core & Advanced topics, In-DB, Iterative Macros, Predictive Models, Connectors, Web Scraping, Download Tool, Calgary Tools, etc.

  • Prerequisite – Designer Advanced


NOTE: Certification levels are subject to change.


Resources Available for Exam Preparation

The following resources are available when learning Alteryx:



Exams: What you need to know!


  • Exams are offered monthly — there are twelve exams per calendar year
  • Each exam window begins on the first of each calendar month and closes at the end of the last day of the calendar month
  • Participants may take the exam any time during the exam window



  • Registration for exams is offered at
  • You must have an Alteryx Community account to register for an exam
  • Upon registration, you will be registered for the next exam window. For example, if registering during September, you will be registered for the October exam.
  • Once registered, you will have three attempts to pass an exam during the exam window



  • There is no cost for the Designer Core certification exam.
  • At this time, pricing has not been determined for subsequent exams.


Taking the Exam

  • On the first day of the exam window (the 1st of each month) – all registrants will receive an email with the exam URL and a personalized access code.
  • The exam is offered online
  • There is a two-hour time limit per exam
  • Once an exam is started, it is recorded as one attempt
  • It is not possible to stop an exam in-progress, and restart later
  • You may use any of the preparation resources during the exam
  • All questions are multiple choice
  • Sample question:





  • Upon completion, you will receive your score immediately




  • A score of 80% or above is considered ‘passing'
  • If a passing score is not obtained after three attempts, you must register for a subsequent exam
  • Answers are not provided for any exam and/or question
  • After the exam window closes, your Alteryx Community account will be updated with the respective certification badge, and you will receive a PDF certificate


Maintaining Certification

  • From the date of certification, or
  • From the date of passing an incremental exam
  • Certifications are valid for two years 
  • Incremental exams will be offered for each major release of Alteryx
  • To maintain your certification, a passing score must be obtained on incremental exams
  • If your certification lapses, you must take the full certification exam to obtain your certification


We're excited about the certification program. If you have any questions or comments, please email:

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks @Ozzy_Campos - we appreciate the feedback as we are constantly trying to improve the exam experience.

11 - Bolide

Bit late to the party, but finally got round to doing this. 

Great job with the exam, learnt a couple of things as i went through also. 


12 - Quasar

@Ozzy_Campos I'm perhaps going to disagree here. I think the exam providing a broad wide range of tests for a competent user of the software. I agree that the challenges were the hardest part but thats often the point of Alteryx. Doing this on new and difficult data is part of the challenge of using the software.


Certification should test and challenge individuals and not be something that all users, particularly new ones, should feel comfortable doing in the time limit. Saving time on the easy questions and using them on the harder ones should be expected. If someone doesn't have time for the harder questions then it's likely because they struggled with the  basic, interactive ones.


Personally I think the questions, and range of difficult, was judged just about right especially given the two hour time frame.

8 - Asteroid

@chris_love thanks for the response.  I love the challenge of a good exam, and I love learning about new tools and software and practices...but my point is that as a relatively new user of Alteryx, but not new to statistical modeling (I use R and Minitab and SPSS modeler, but I'm moving over to Alteryx because it's more intuitive for blended data), there's little information about the exam.  I passed designer core, and am registered for designer advanced, but there is literally no information about what could possibly be on the test.  There isn't that much info with designer core (it now has some specifics under "Skills Measured", which I don't remember when I prepped for the test, but perhaps I just missed it). 


Compare it to something like the Chartered Financial Analyst exam, which is very highly regarded.  It tells you exactly what topics will be on the exam, how to prepare for it and there's tools and resources to use in doing so.  The exam taker still has to spend over 300 hours on average making sure they're prepared, and the end result is an analyst that has a very in-depth knowledge of financial analysis. 


Anyways, I'm not asking for it to be less challenging, but if there was more clarity in the guidelines on what to work on, I think the exam could actually be both more challenging but also provide applicants with all the tools of success at the same time.  


8 - Asteroid

Hi Patrick; 



Designer Advanced (available Q1 2018) – advanced proficiency with Alteryx Designer. Exam topics include: Advanced Questions from Designer Core, plus Batch Macros, Data Investigation, Advanced Parsing, Advanced Analytics Apps, Spatial Analysis, Reporting, Visualization Integration, Gallery.

I am reviewing the content for the advanced exam and i am unsure what "Visualization Integration" means. Can you elaborate?


20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



unofficial answer:


Reporting Group of tools

8 - Asteroid

This was fun, and having passed the Partner Certification, also easier. Knowing myself I double-checked each question 2-3 times



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Waynemk - initially, this meant that we would ask whether you could integrate Alteryx Designer with visualization tools and some related questions on that topic.  However, that is not included in the exam, but reporting tools are definitely covered.

9 - Comet

I haven't seen it posted anywhere, but those looking to take advanced might want to start towards the end and work backward (at least the last 4-5 questions).  Those require building a workflow with a given data set to answer the question.  They are weighed much heavier than some of the earlier questions.  Make sure you don't run out of time.  


Thankfully, I'll get two more chances.   I'm enjoying the challenge.





8 - Asteroid

Thanks BPurcell!  I wish I read your comment before I took the test!  Glad we have 2 more chances...

8 - Asteroid

A little bit late to the party. But I just passed yesterday!

5 - Atom

Has anyone taken the Advanced exam yet?

8 - Asteroid


I have passed the Designer core exam.

8 - Asteroid

Does anyone know how long does it take for the Certified badge to show after passing the exam?

8 - Asteroid



It will compile at the end of the month so you’ll see it first day or two of April

8 - Asteroid



Yes, I took the advanced, advanced is a fun exam, similar to Core but half the time is dedicated to workflow problems.

8 - Asteroid

@Ozzy_Campos Thank you! Look forward to that :)


And I look forward to taking the advanced exam in some time!

6 - Meteoroid

Hey @PatrickN,


I'm a beginner and is trying to learn Alteryx. I am using the 'Self-Paced' training and have a question on one of the solutions provided to the Intermediate Level practice problems at


Question: Step 2: Preparing Data using RegEx - Intermediate_Step2_RegExAnalytics


Please see the print below:


I have a hard time understanding the reason for doing the highlighted steps.


To me, the output of 1 (RegEx Tool) matches with the output of 2 (Unique Tool) - why do we do the intermediate 'Join + Unique' steps? Would really appreciate if you can please help me/ route this to a person who can help me with the logic?



8 - Asteroid


You are correct in that the way the creator of the made the solution, the Join and Unique are redundant here. 

If however, you wanted other fields from the full data set, you would need the Join, but then you would want the Unique to eliminate the "cross joins" of many-to-many on the id_str. It's a nice example of how that would work, but for the specific exercise and solution, it is unnecessary.


Also as an FYI, if you have questions like these in the future, it would actually be better to start a discussion question on the main page. Rather than direct your question to one person, it's better to make use of the entire Community. ;-)

7 - Meteor
Yes I tried yesterday. But have prepare more to clear. It is not easy core

Sent from my iPhone
8 - Asteroid



I have cleared the designer core exam but i have not received the community badge.




7 - Meteor

Great exam. I passed the Beginner Core Certification with an 84%. It was challenging but achievable. The best part of the certification is coming away with tips and tricks.

7 - Meteor

 Hello Everyone,


I am preparing for the Alteryx Core Certification Exam.

Can someone please recommend me which videos and topics I should refer to pass the exam ?

There are lots of videos on youtube so I am slightly confused. 


Thanks for your help.



7 - Meteor



I can't speak for everyone, but a few things helped me pass it.


1. Use the tutorials in Alteryx designer and really study/read on their pages. 

2. Use the community to ask questions or research your own

For example, is great to read on.

3. It is on the most used tools. I.E. Documentation, prep, join, in/out, parse.


Hope that helps!

7 - Meteor

Thank You for your help !!!


If my Alteryx trial ends before I take the exam, will I be able to take the exam or not ? 

Because if it requires the candidate to use Alteryx for some questions than it is not possible to clear the exam right ?


Please let me know.


Thank You.



7 - Meteor



No problem!


You dont need Alteryx Designer to take the exam. It is just helpful to have open during the exam. 


The next certification (Alteryx Designer Advanced) requires the Alteryx designer application.



7 - Meteor

I downloaded a pdf which provided details about the tool and certification. It said you need to download data for some questions. So I just wanted to confirm the necessity of tool during exam.

Thanks for confirming.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@Nikunjpasari15, You will need Alteryx to complete the certifications.

13 - Pulsar

Cleared the exam! I was able to pass the exam at first attempt since it is open book exam.

Alteryx Designer Core Certification.PNG

5 - Atom



I have cleared the designer core and advanced exam but i have not received the community badge.




7 - Meteor

I believe it says it will come towards the end of the month that you took it. It will email you when it hits!

11 - Bolide

Finally took this exam - it was good - thanks Alteryx !


Things I learned:: that checkbox in the sort tool ~ sneaky!


Some feedback on the exam though... Some question pages took a while to load (>15 secs) and sometimes the question would show up but not the image/diagram and I had to go to previous question, resubmit and then hope for the best. Maybe a fluke but wanted you to be aware of it! 




incomplete pageincomplete page


long page loadlong page load




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@simon - Great to hear! I'll submit your comment to and they can follow-up!



5 - Atom

I have cleared the designer core in June but I have not yet receive my community badge.


Hi @joelangjieyi,


I'd recommend sending an email over to and they should be able to help you out in getting the badge added!

5 - Atom

Has the certification time frame changed from three years to two? I received my completion email and it stated the certification was only valid for two years. 


Why is there a time limit on the certifications? I know content changes however other certifications i.e. Excel do not expire.