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Analytics Maturity Assessment

An industry benchmark of how well your organization is using its data compared to your competitors.

Release Notes: V1.0


January 2023 


  • Initial launch of the Alteryx branded Analytics Maturity Assessment on Alteryx.com.  
  • Provides the ability for a potential customer to come to the assessment and complete it to see how they score regarding their organization’s data maturity.  
  • Upon completion of the 15-minute assessment the user will be offered the opportunity to provide their contact information so that the system can send them an email with a link to their detailed report. 
  • The detailed report will break down the score by different data analytics dimensions and along with the score will be recommended best practices to improve their score.  
  • Also, by providing contact information the information provided will be supplied to the user’s regional sales group to reach out to the user to begin a conversation about which Alteryx solutions could benefit them.