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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

As the leader in data blending, Alteryx offers direct connectivity to over sixty data sources. However, the connectivity is just the beginning. For our users, connecting to their data is the start of the conversation with their data. Therefore, our focus is not just on the connectivity itself, but also in terms of providing analysts with the best way to interact with their data.


With the Alteryx Analytics 10.0 release, the Data Platforms team at Alteryx focused on understanding analyst interaction with their data and within Alteryx, and improving that experience. Not all analysts interact with their data in the same way – some want to bring the relevant data into memory and conduct faster processing, while others preferred to leave their data in the warehouse and query only the relevant data via in-database. Yet others with large datasets are interested in bulk loading their data. Analysts also need support for being able to get to their data that is sitting behind proxy firewalls. Bearing all this in mind, our 10.0 release focused on not just adding new connectivity, but also on improving the user experience of existing connectors. Although the full list of enhancements can be found in the Release Notes, I would like to highlight some of the major features below.


New Connectivity
Amazon Redshift Bulk ConnectionWe are pleased to announce connectivity support for Netsuite and SAP Hana with Alteryx 10.0. Continuing our thought leadership in Big Data, we have also added support for Spark.


Several frequently used connectors to cloud data sources have been enhanced for the analyst. The ability to read data from anywhere on the web is made possible by the Download Tool, and by adding multithreading to the tool, we have made it even faster for analysts! In addition, new connectivity has been added for the Salesforce and Marketo tools based on REST API.


Technology Partnerships
In order to improve user access to data sources supported by our technology alliance partners, we have added support for reading Qlik files to Alteryx. By leveraging the ODBC drivers released by Amazon Redshift, we have simplified the ability to bulk load data into Amazon Redshift for our users.


What’s Next
As with all of our releases and features, the biggest driving force behind new connectivity as well as enhancements to the existing connectors continues to be the line-of-business analyst.


See the new 10.0 data connectors and other new features in Alteryx Analytics 10.0, watch our on-demand webinar, “Achieve Analytic Independence with Alteryx Analytics 10.0.”


Please reach out to us with questions and feedback on new connectivity on the new Alteryx community, and keep up to date on features in 10.0 by following our release blog series.


Download the trial to try the new features in 10.0 for yourself.