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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Analysts need to get to data-driven insights as fast as possible because speed to insight is key in today’s business environment. Getting to these insights involves quickly going from preparing the data to visualizing it. As decision makers recognize the value of visual analytics for their organizations, they realize that analysts must find ways of tackling the increasing volumes and complexity of the data required to create richer visualizations. In addition, analysts also struggle with the following issues1:


  • 52% have to use too many tools and processes to prep data
  • 37% have to wait for another department to get data
  • 30% can’t access the data needed for analysis
  • 18% don’t have the skills to prepare the right dataset

Unfortunately, overcoming these issues is a critical and often time-consuming process. We commonly hear that analysts spend up to 90% of their time preparing data instead of analyzing it.


Definitive Guide to Self-Service Data Preparation for Microsoft Power BIReducing the amount of time it takes for analysts to perform self-service data preparation means that analysts can spend more time in generating deeper data-driven insights. It also means an analyst can spend more time visualizing the data in Microsoft Power BI to produce those insights. Alteryx provides analysts with the ability to easily prepare data using a repeatable workflow, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours instead of weeks.


The Definitive Guide to Self-Service Data Preparation for Microsoft Power BI introduces how analysts can prepare data for visualization in 1/10th the time.


  • Access, cleanse, and combine disparate data sources
  • Enrich dataset and perform advanced analytics
  • Publish prepared dataset and automate processes


Download our Definitive Guide to Self-Service Data Preparation for Microsoft Power BI and learn how to leverage the power of Alteryx for your data preparation tasks. Reduce the time it takes you to go from data preparation to visualization, and get to insights more quickly!


1 2014 Alteryx Survey