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Everyone knows the old adage, time is money. This couldn’t be truer for those vying for an advantage in the highly competitive real estate market. For Sudhoff Properties, a premier new home residential sales and marketing firm in Houston, this saying is more than a common expression, it’s a cornerstone to their business model. Using Alteryx, Sudhoff Properties capitalizes on creating comprehensive views of key markets using data blending within minutes, instead of hours. Frequent updates to their value model enables them to move quickly on potential deals and gain a significant competitive advantage.


More specifically, Clark Rumsey, Research Analyst for Sudhoff Properties, uses Alteryx to blend MLS listings with off-MLS listings to immediately identify new properties that are available, analyze any submarket, and thoroughly understand the overall Houston real estate market. As an analyst, Clark is responsible for producing research to help home-builders understand the best home configurations, prices, and size for any submarket. Pairing Alteryx with Tableau allows him to create comprehensive reports in minutes as opposed to hours, enabling faster decision making in the highly active Houston real estate market.



If you too are interested in getting a leg up on the competition, take a few minutes to view the slides and watch this video from Alteryx Inspire 2014. Clark shares how they incorporate geocoding and data blending of permit data, flood plain information, special building line designations, historical districts, and other critical information to establish the value of properties.



Stay tuned for more customer stories and highlights. In the meantime, share your comments below, as I’m interested to hear how you too are leveraging analytics to gain a competitive advantage.