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Alteryx and Tableau have had a strong partnership over the years, enabling our customers to experience the thrill of solving and see and understand data. We're excited to deepen this partnership through the integration of Tableau's new Hyper API into 2019.4: You.Vision.


We're thrilled to announce that, through the integration of the Hyper API with the Input Data tool, you can now read Tableau Hyper Data Extract (.hyper) files as an input data source from within Alteryx Designer! We've been tracking this request for a long time and were quick to act once Tableau enabled this functionality.


GIF Tableau Hyper API.gif



Use a .hyper file as your input data to prep, augment, aggregate, and analyze the data in a new way. Additionally, benefit from substantial performance improvements when outputting .hyper files for Tableau consumption. Go from creating eye-catching charts and graphs in Tableau to carrying out further analytics in Alteryx!


“A major customer request that drove the development of the Hyper API was the ability to read data from .hyper files in Alteryx. We’re excited to see how Alteryx has used the Hyper API, enabling our joint customers to use .hyper file data within Alteryx workflows. Ultimately, this tight integration between products gives our joint customers more flexibility to augment, transform, and model their data — enhancing their data pipeline strategy." — Jonas Eckhardt, Senior Product Manager for Hyper


We're pretty hyped about this and eager to hear what you think and how you incorporate this capability into your analytics journey with Alteryx.


Existing customers - experience 2019.4 for yourself by upgrading to our latest release. For additional detail on the other great features released in 2019.4, check out updated technical documentation. We also welcome YOU to be part of the next release by joining our beta program or by submitting your brilliant ideas right here on Community.


For those new to Alteryx and still exploring the platform, we’d love for you to take our latest build for a test drive. Download our free Alteryx Designer trial to start kicking the tires and see for yourself why hundreds of thousands of data scientists, analysts, and quants across the globe choose Alteryx.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Wow! This is huge!


This is a great feature! Will it also be possible to open Hyper files that have been published to Tableau Server?




Hyper files can't be accessed directly from Tableau Server and will need to be downloaded to your machine or a network location. This is a great idea please add it to the Alteryx Designer Ideas!


To automate this process you'd likely use the Tableau Server REST API (download data source example) and the Download tool. I've also published a Tableau Personal Access Token REST API Authentication tool to Gallery to assist with authentication (note this tool was built by me as a personal project and isn't supported/maintained by Alteryx).




Thanks for your reply. Yes, I thought of something similar to the "Publish to Tableau Server" tool, which is also not part of the official tools but can be downloaded from the Gallery.


But unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a method in the Tableau REST API to directly download the Hyper file. The Download Data Source method returns a Tableau Packaged Data Source (.tdsx), which then would need to be converted to a Zip file to be able to navigate to the contained Hyper file. So it should be possible to pack all this into a macro but that is more than one level above my Alteryx skills 😮


I will post this to the Alteryx Designer Ideas.




Sounds like a great challenge that'll have a useful payoff.




Can you elaborate on:

"Additionally, benefit from substantial performance improvements when outputting .hyper files for Tableau consumption."


Is the improvement with the hyper file creation processing time? If so, is it due to changes made by Alteryx or the Hyper API? Is it faster due to size reduction?


At TC19 the Hyper team had mentioned steady improvements in Hyper with each new release.  Which version of Hyper is used with Alteryx?


Regards, Rob