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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Cloudera, Alteryx, Revolution AnalyticsToday Alteryx announced how business users can run predictive analytics on data that is stored in Cloudera without having to write code, through an integration of Cloudera, Revolution Analytics, and Alteryx.


At the root of the Big Data revolution is the ability to store data of any type in Hadoop. Cloudera has been at the forefront of this movement, championing Hadoop as a new way to store data without having to define schemas and structures when data is added, enabling data of any type to be stored and accessed.


Revolution Analytics has addressed the scalability issues of R-based predictive analytics. On October 16th we announced our relationship with Revolution Analytics to address the need to make R-based predictive analytics scalable and accessible. With the ability to use Impala to access data in Cloudera, Alteryx can process predictive analytics business users create in Alteryx on Hadoop data. With Revolution Analytics, processing large amounts of data with R functions is more scalable than using Open R.


Alteryx brings this all together by enabling business users to access all of this power. With a drag and drop user interface, business users can build R-based analytical processes by simply configuring a few dialog boxes. This makes incredibly powerful, scalable predictive analytics available to any business user. With these capabilities, these users can predict anything from disease outbreaks and future weather patterns all the way down to what item you will next put in your grocery basket. You can view an example of this in this demonstration video.