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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

National Instruments Shares Their Blueprint to Becoming a Self-Sufficient AnalystBeing able to develop an analytical framework, create the right information assets, and leverage the right tools and environment to support that framework are critical components in delivering analytic insights - but how do you actually go about doing this in the real world context?


In this upcoming webinar, National Instruments: How to become a self-sufficient analyst (Thursday, November 12th) James Lewin, Principal Business Intelligence Analyst at National Instruments, will discuss his blueprint on how to eliminate time-consuming analytic tasks, improve analytic accuracy, and deliver deeper insights. James will share his best practices and recommendations that you can use to gain analytic independence. We will then open up the webinar for questions to get even more perspective directly from James.


Learn how to:

  • Build a better analytic framework that breaks down information silos
  • Create ‘analytics-ready’ data, what it means, what to pay attention to, what to ignore.
  • Better navigate and address ambiguous questions, changing requirements and challenging analytic requests

Register for the live webinar with James Lewin and gain real-life best practices and insights from a fellow analyst.