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A recent study by Duke UniversityThe CMO Survey” showed that organizational spending on marketing analytics is expected to double, from 6.4 percent of total marketing budget to nearly 12 percent in next three years. But the same survey also showed that companies are not using all the data they have, and are reporting less than expected return from their investment in marketing analytics.


I think that less than expected returns are not due to quality of marketing insights derived from the data. Instead, it is a factor of inaccessibility to data and complexity of the tools companies are using to gain insights from the data. The result: despite a sizable investment in data collection and analytics, marketing data and analytical capabilities remain under purview of a few specialized programmers, allowing only a few, select projects to benefit from by data-driven insights.


And that is where Alteryx comes into the play!


By providing line of business users and analysts in marketing organization with self-service data analytics, Alteryx empowers marketers to quickly and easily prepare, blend and analyze all relevant customer and marketing data themselves, without any coding or reliance on IT and specialized programmers. This allows for analytical insight to be applied more widely across the organization, for all types of decisions — big, or small.


2016 Analytics with Purpose ConferenceDon't take our word for it.


Join us at American Marketing Association’s analytics conference of the year, AMA 2016 Analytics with Purpose, in Scottsdale, AZ from February 7-9, and see for yourself. Attend 1:1 product demo in our booth in the expo hall, and test-drive our analytic apps for market basket analysis, A/B testing, multi-channel customer analytics and more.


Hear from our customer, ZS Pharma, a division of Astra Zeneca, on Monday, February 8th, at 11:20 am in a session titled “Driving Physician Targeting and New Product Introduction with Marketing Analytics” to learn how the company is using Alteryx to analyze physician attributes around product and therapy needs, prescription behavior, and market access for high-value customer targeting and marketing promotions personalization. Varsha Damle, Associate Director of Sales Effectiveness for ZS Pharma will share how Alteryx’ ability to handle large volumes of patient claims and prescription data without IT intervention, and its sophisticated suite of pre-built clustering algorithms made Alteryx ZS Pharma’s software of choice.


We look forward to seeing you at the event.


Meanwhile, download our latest white paper “Five Tips to Engage Always-On Consumers,” and visit our website to learn more about Alteryx for Marketing Analytics.